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Tramway de Pithiviers à Toury

The original report here was uploaded in 2009 although it referred to a 2002 visit. Thomas Kautzor was here briefly on Sunday 8th September 2013 and has sent some pictures of the first afternoon train at Pithiviers. MTP 2-6-0T 9 LES FONTENELLES (La Meuse ) was in charge of the train for the day. The box car at the rear is the bar car and was taken off the train at Bellébat. The standard gauge private siding which crosses the line just outside Pithiviers is now disused, after the fertilizer factory was closed.

At the museum, Schneider 0-4-0T 1347/1870 () together with the little Decauville coach had been brought out into the sun.

In the shed, 0-8-0T 4 (Henschel 14923/1917, ex Sablières de Bourron No. 10, ex HFB 993), 0-8-0T 12 (SAFB 2843/1945, ex TPT 4-12) and 0-6-0T 5 LE MINIHIC (ANF 282/1902, ex TPT 3-5, ex Paramé-Rotheneuf) are all three operational.

On the way back to Paris, I found a Brigadelok plinthed in the middle of a roundabout just north of town. I believe it is Henschel 14513/1916 ex Sablières de Bourron No. 3 (with boiler Henschel 15273/1917).

James Waite writes about his 2002 visit.

The Tramway de Pithiviers à Toury (TPT) was always one of those legendary French light railways. Built by the Decauville concern it was more of a system than just a railway with many branches and lengthy sidings to connect the sugar beet farms in the district it served. The transport of sugar beet to the big factories in Pithiviers and Toury was its major business although it was a common carrier and operated passenger services until 1952. The last sugar beet train ran in 1964.

Today's museum railway operates over a small portion of the old system at the Pithiviers end. The preservation society got off the ground as soon as the closure occurred and so was able to take over the railway's extensive installations at Pithiviers more or less intact. Today the railway runs from the old station at Pithiviers to the east of the SNCF station (now freight-only), drops down to pass under the SNCF line and heads north westwards out of the town alongside a major road - typical of much of the old line. There's a level crossing over a standard gauge siding on the outskirts of the town and, 1km or so further on, the main road south from Paris which bypasses the town crosses on an overbridge. Soon after the line veers away from the old formation and reaches a balloon loop. This is Bellebat station, a little over 3km from Pithiviers and the limit of operations.

No-one can say that this is a scenic part of France and the roadside nature of the line across the flat countryside limits its photographic potential. However there are some attractive pictures to be had around the station area and the main line bridge at Pithiviers, alongside the factory served by the standard gauge siding which crosses the line and at the bypass bridge.

There's a good museum alongside the station with several well-restored 600mm gauge locos and also one metre gauge machine on loan form the FACS. The working locos, too, are most attractive, particularly no. 10, a Decauville 0-6-2T which looks to me to be a classic Decauville product. There's also a tiny Schneider 0-4-0T dating from 1870 which is a truly delightful little loco. On the debit side most of the TPT's locos which survived at the closure moved to other preservation sites in France and further afield. There's only one of the original locos left on the line that's still in working order. Nonetheless this is a railway which oozes with Frenchness and is well worth a visit. Its website is at

Steam stock list

600mm gauge

No. 2 0-4-0T Schneider 1347/1870 Ex-ex Céramiques Decize. 
No. 3 0-6-0T Decauville 1834/1928
No. 4 0-8-0T Henschel 15311/1917 Brigadelok
No. 5 0-6-0T Blanc-Misseron 282/1902 Ex-Tramway Parame-Rotheneuf
No. 6 0-4-0T Decauville 431/1905
No. 7 0-8-0T Hartmann 4126/1918 Brigadelok
No. 8 0-4-0T Decauville 945/1919
No. 9 2-6-0T La Meuse 3931/1938 Ex-Sucrerie de Maizy
No. 10 0-6-2T Decauville 360/1902 Ex-Sucrerie Ternynck à Coucy-le-Château 
No. 11 0-8-0T Franco-Belge 2843/1945 Ex-TPT no. 4-12
No. 12 2-6-2T Alco 57131/1916 Ex-TPT 3-22 
0-8-0T Henschel 14513/1916 Brigadelok Preserved on a roundabout in Pithiviers

Metre Gauge

No. 77 2-6-0T Cail 2458/1895

No's. 2, 5, 9, 10 and 12 have been in working order in recent years.

Pictures (all taken on 6th October 2002)

This view from the rear balcony of a train returning to Pithiviers from Bellebat gives a fair idea of the character of the line. The standard gauge crossing is in the foreground and there's a standard gauge diesel serving the factory partly in frame at the extreme right. The Pithiviers bypass bridge is in the distance.

No. 9 at Pithiviers station.

No. 6, surely one of the smallest Decauville locos ever built, in the museum with no. 7 behind.

No. 9 crossing the standard gauge siding.

Rob Dickinson