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Active Fireless Steam Locomotives Germany and Austria 2014/5

This page will continue the earlier reports in 'Active Fireless Steam Locomotives in Germany 2013/4', which cover activities at Amsdorf, Mannheim, Herne, Stassfurt and Osnabruck.

For my own convenience, I have appended news of Austrian and Czech firelesses at the bottom of the page (both updated 18th February 2015). 


Andreas Illert reports (10th February 2015) there is a separate July 2015 update available (added 6th August 2015)..

Romonta GmbH, Amsdorf

ROMONTA has signed a contract with DB to accept some of the spoil material from the new railway tunnel at Stuttgart. The spoil material will be used to repair a landslide in the open cast mine at Amsdorf. The material is delivered by electric loco to the exchange sidings at Roeblingen am See and then hauled by the Romonta fireless loco to the plant at Amsdorf. Inside the Romonta complex the containers with the spoil material are transferred on lorries and moved to the open cast pit. Trains are expected to run every day Monday to Friday for the next two years, but at least two to three times a week.

On 3rd February 2015, my brother, Peter Illert observed the fireless loco F67 (0-6-0, Meiningen 03067, 1985) starting vom Roeblingen am See with 20 wagons at 9h30. The loco hauled the full train to Amsdorf. It stopped before the entrance to the Romonta plant und took 10 cars into the premises. Around 10h30 the loco returned light engine und pulled the rest of the train to the unloading facilities.

These are his two photos of the action.

Felix Schoeller GmbH, Osnabruck

Activities as usual on 23rd January 2015. Peter Illert observed fireless locomotive 03 189 (0-6-0, Meiningen 03189, 1987) pushing loaded wagons to the exchange siding at 11h00 and returning light engine soon after.


Nick Kelly reports (10th February 2015):

Prior to joining the 2014 LCGB/IRS Tour of The Czech Republic, I spent a week in Austria where I saw both of the Meiningen built FLC locomotives that Lenzing AG imported from the former DDR for use at their chemical works. Afterwards, the WLF and Krauss-Maffei "Gilli-Loks" were withdrawn from service at Lenzing AG. Whilst there both locomotives were named with the locations from where they had come from in the old DDR.

1) G. Hinteregger-Bahnbau, St Martin-Bei-Traun (near Linz). - 28 th August 2014. 

'WOLFEN' 0-6-0F Meiningen 03 187/1987.

The locomotive was standing on a short length of track in the yard. It is still in the (faded) "DDR Fireless Apple-Green" livery! It was last used at Lenzing. However, when Richard Hingley, Mike Simpson, Tim Lockley and I visited Lenzing AG, 'WOLFEN' was oou due to the poor condition of its wheels. Today the wheels are still in the same condition.

2) Mondi Business Paper AG, Ulmerfeld-Hausmening - 29th August 2014.

'WALTER' ('PIRNA') 0-6-0F Meiningen 03 158/1987.

Like 'WOLFEN' this locomotive was imported into Austria by Lenzing AG. 'PIRNA' as it was then was usable and it was steamed for us on our previous visit. It was in fact oou, being replaced by diesels. At that time Mondi Business Paper were using a third Meiningen FLC (works no 03 109/1985). However, this locomotive suffered a catastrophic axle failure which led to it being scrapped. As a result 'PIRNA' was transferred to Mondi where it was renamed 'WALTER'. Today (2015) it is the last working steam locomotive in Austria. 'WALTER' usually works in the morning and can be seen working from the platform at Ulmerfeld-Hausmening Station. It is possible to contact the Paper Mill to arrange to see the locomotive.

3. As a historical footnote, (added 19th February 2015) Nick Kelly adds "This is the world's oldest surviving fireless locomotive now 'plinthed' at Zeche Fohnsdorf in Austria. It is 0-4-0F Hohenzollern 381/1988, making it 100 years older than the Meiningen locomotive, photographed on 27th August 2014."

Nick adds "The colliery winding house is now a mining museum which has a large twin tandem compound winding engine. Zeche Fohnsdorf was at 1130m the deepest brown coal mine ever. There is also a Schwartzkopff 0-4-0 compressed air locomotive in the winding house and a second one plinthed in Fohnsdorf."

Czech Republic

Nick Kelly reports (10th February 2015, picture added 19th February 2015):

As for the pair of Meiningen 'FLC' locomotives that were recently withdrawn from SETUZA AS in the Czech Republic.

988 200-0 Meiningen (works no 03 200/3-1988) Is still owned by AWT (Advanced World Transport formally OKD Doprava) and it is in store in the AWT locomotive shed at Kladno where the LCGB/IRS party saw it on 30th August 2014. It is now for sale in working order.

988 201-8 Meiningen (works no 03 201/3-1988) is now owned by Jirkar Kardas and should have joined his collection at Brno Dolni Depot.

Rob Dickinson