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The Eritrean Railway 1993

Tom Sherriff had an assignment the Consulting Engineers resident Engineer to supervise and commission at Belesa 2 power station on behalf of the Eritrea Electric Authority and has sent these pictures. At this stage, reconstruction was already underway...

(My apologies for the horizontal marks on some images, this is down to Mr. Dell's scanner not liking Beijing dust.)


The railway station was a bus depot:

:Steel sleepers collected from around the countryside laid out in the yard for inspection:

Two littorinas were in the yard:

Close up of the near littorina:

The shed was full of Mallets:

This Breda 0-4-0T was at the back of the workshop: 


442.55 was found near a salt pan:


This derelict Brown Boveri diesel (1935) at Mai Atal on the lower coastal section was still there 9 years later when I visited:

I had heard that there was a short lived (Drewry, 1936 or 1937) diesel operated local service in Massawa but this is the first time I have seen pictures of it:

Rob Dickinson