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Czech Republic Charters

Bryan Acford reports:

These arenít really in the category of real steam working or Plandampf but are worth a look. A rich variety of Czech (and Slovakia) locomotives dating from the 1920ís through to the post war standard designs remain and are serviceable. There are also a number of scenic non-electrified lines where steam can run.

The format is that the trains do not carry the gricers, instead you chase by road (some locals cycle!) and the trains are held at wayside stations long enough for the photters to get to the next position. The obvious advantages are that you can pick your own spots, but also that the trains pass at a realistic speed with corresponding smoke effects. Equally, if the weather is poor or you want a break youíre not cooped up inside a train.

As an example, on 20/21 September a pair matching 4-8-4 tanks of class 464 were in action in Bohemia, including Red Stars on the smokebox:

20/9/97 - 464.102 on 0800 Litomerice to Ceska Lipa pass, arr 1000

1100 Ceska Lipa to Bakov nad Jizerou pass, arr 1330

    • 464.008 on 1420 Bakov nad Jizerou to Ceska Lipa pass, arr 1830
    • 464.102 on 1500 Bakov nad Jizerou to Ceska Lipa goods arr 1900

21/9/97 - 464.102 & 464.008 on 0750 Ceska Lipa to Liberec pass and 1350 return.

All this was in sunshine with frosty mornings and a few autumn colours.

Since this was written the following will have run:

18&19/10/97 - 423.094 on local freight Cercany to Svetla n. Sazava

and proposed for 1998

25&26/4/98 - 434.2186 & 434.1100 on specials from Stara Paka

19&20/9/98 - 486.007 from Brezno to Margecany in the Slovak Republic.

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