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Steam Locomotives in the Sugar Mills of Cuba

If you are new to the wonderful world of Cuban steam, then you need to read Cuba Steam for D*******.

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These pages are meant to act as a reference source for travellers to Cuba. I have put them together using my own observations and information sent by a number of 1997 travellers together with a small amount of older information published in the IRS book, Continental Railway Journal (CRJ) and World Steam (WS). I would like to thank all those who have helped, in particular the following:

Bryan Acford

Terry Bagworth

Roland Beier

Andy Clarke

Tony Eaton

Bo Lindhardtsen

Ron Lingley

Steve Mourton

Tim Murray

John Raby

Chris Walker

Chris West

My 2 trips totalling 6 weeks do not make me a 'Cuba expert'. If you can contribute further, send me an Email. Bear in mind that even though a mill may have 5 locos 'in use' only one or two may be used on any given day.

System Maps are on our Zafra CD-ROM. For loco lists, see the Industrial Steam Locomotives of Cuba (the second edition is now available).

Many readers will be keen to hear of the progress on 1816 from 447 Unidad Proletaria which has been under overhaul at Sagua la Grande. Visitors from the USA were able to see the loco on 7th Mar 97, it is painted in fire engine red ("The Red Devil") and appeared to have been used recently. I understand that L.D.Porta had recently been in Cuba, and he had hoped to see the loco in action at Boris Luis Santa Coloma (Mill 212) before he left on March 30th, but nobody has reported seeing it at work... Well that was the story until it turned up at Marcelo Salado (Mill 428) late in the season.

Not everyone goes just to see working steam. Chris West and Chris Walker always make a point of looking at the wider scene including a long closed banana railway.

Rob Dickinson