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Steam in Colombia 1998 - 2001

Lewis Miskell advises (4th June 1998) that the Bogota Baldwins are still operating:

"There are still at least three oil fired Baldwin steam locomotives operating out of Bogota on Sundays and official holidays to pull the "Tren Touristico Sabana de Bogota" up to Nemocon. There might be a fourth or fifth in reserve. The train is also available for charters. I am not sure if they are leaving the main station "The Estacion del la Sabana" or not. There has been some major road construction in the city. Their oil tank etc., is there. There is also a small car shop. Trains depart from the suburban station at Usaquen (around Calle 110N). If they are originating at the main station, then they will also stop at Calle 100.
Most of the system is up for sale and some of it has been bought or leased by at least two different companies.
There is still a railroad graveyard out at Facatavita. That was the main shops for the old FCN. There are about 30 steam locomotives around there. That might be worth looking into.
If any one is interested in travelling on the train to Nemocon, a complete package can be bought from the tourist agency "TMA" (Terra Mare Aera). They have offices all over the city, but the one near Calle 99 deals with the train. If any one is in Bogota, they should give them a call. The package includes lunch in Nemocon, a tour and probably drinks on the train. There is a TMA office in at least one or two of the big hotels in Bogota."

John Middleton comments (24th April 2001):

"About the report of 'around 30' locos at Facatativa Workshops, I managed to get in here on 8-12-94 (yes I know 7 years ago, but I guess things don't change that quickly). There were 12 derelict locos in the yard (plus one said to be inside the works which they wouldn't let me in to see - it was a Sunday - I think this was the small tank loco FCC 5 which had been used as works shunter), the locos were;

FCC: 8 (Baldwin 2-6-0), 64 (Tubize 2-8-2), 76 (Baldwin 4-8-0), 109, 112, 114 (Baldwin 4-8-2), 124, 125 (Porter 4-8-2)
FCP: 65 (Baldwin 4-8-0), 82 (Baldwin 4-8-2)
FCA: 44, 48 (Baldwin 2-8-2)
FCC - FC Centrales FCA - FC Antioquia FCP - FC Pacifico

At this time the locos on the "Turistren" were FCA 56 (2-8-2 Baldwin 62263/39 Red livery), FCA 72 (2-8-2 Baldwin 73056/47 Black livery) and FCP 85 (2-8-2 Baldwin 73057/47 Green livery).

All three locos carried their correct worksplates and note FCA 72 was definitely a 2-8-2 and not 4-8-2 Baldwin 70894/44 as you show. Colombia's locos are very confusing because of the different railways having very similar locos of the same number. I think someone has confused this loco with FCC 72."

John Middleton adds (19th September 2001): Despite the closeness of the 730xx Baldwin works numbers the locos listed are from several different railways; 44,48,72 and 75 are FCA (Antioquia), 85 is FCP (Pacifico) which 8, 76, 109, 114 are FCC (Centrales).

Rob Dickinson