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Restoration of FCAB 34

In March 2004, the FCAB type 33/52 2-8-4T No. 34 (North British, Hyde Park, serial 23563, from 1927) which had been under repair for three years, was fully reassembled and started steam tests at the FCAB´s Antofagasta workshop, reports Ian Thomson (5th May 2004). Ian subsequently (7th September 2004) sent a picture of it being steamed at the Antofagasta motive power depot yard on 29th July 2004. The locomotive has been fitted with a newly made boiler, and is hooked onto a tender once belonging to Vulcan Foundry 4-8-2 No. 209. Later the same morning, it made a trial run on the line towards Mejillones, working quite well until a box on the rear driving axle overheated. There is a possibility than it may be retrofitted with roller bearings on its driving axles. A photo of the train made the front page of the main Chilean newspaper "El Mercurio".

Rob Dickinson