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Miscellaneous Steam in Chile 1998 - 2003

Ian Thomson has again sent me an annual summary (1st January 2003) which supercedes some of the brief reports which had previously appeared below. Chris Lewis visited Chile with the Railway Touring Company in November 2002 (8th December 2002).

There are two or three steam locos in Chile which may or may not be operable from time to time. From time to time I get updates on the scene mainly from Ian Thomson  (last report 13th January 2002, previous report 10th September 2000), but also occasionally from Derek Hyland (last report 5th September 2000). See the TUT report (3rd Dec 1998) for details of the then current activity and also Ian Thomson's 1999 reports. The older reports from Chile are now filed separately.

This is 3511 at work:


Rob Dickinson