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Scrapyard Steam, Curitiba, Brazil

Remarkable long term survivors in the Barranco scrapyard at Curatiba are three steam locomotives:

CBUM 5 0-4-0T geared 1000mm O&K 6589/1913 ex CBUM Barão de Cocais, originally EF Campos de Jordão

Usina Leão Utinga 0-4-0T (500mm or 1000mm) Maffei 3874/1913

Usina Leão Utinga 0-4-2T 500mm Jung 1864/1912

The photographs are by Steen Larsen, the Jung in 2009, the others in 2007.

There is some confusion on reported gauges. The OK is definitely 1000mm, the Jung looks to be 500mm but looking from many miles away, the Maffei is often reported as 500mm but I would be a little surprised if such a locomotive had inside frames.

Rob Dickinson