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Steam in Botswana, July 2001

Selebi-Phikwe July 2001

For the background you should read Trevor Staats report from August 2000.

Selebi-Phikwe is using its ex SAR 19D's in preference to its ex NRZ 14th class which were described as "too complicated" for their needs. The 19D's are in excellent condition and the work they perform remains unchanged from previous reports. I think what surprised me was how well they are kept. In contrast while they do not intend at this time to scrap their 14th class they were in badly neglected condition out of use. We were also told they get their coal from Witbank in SA as it is cheaper than Wankie and they also send their wheel sets to SA for turning. Some discussion about used EX SAR diesels....

Ex NRZ 14th class number 811 reported to have "disappeared" last year was "found" near the gunpowder store in pieces. It apparently derailed and tipped over on its side and was cut up on site. The pictures show  the 19D at work:

19D on shed

19D at the mine

Rob Dickinson