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Steam in Bosnia, April 2011

Tim Murray reports on his latest visit between 28th March and 3rd April 2011. See also Dave Habraken's report of a visit just after this.

27 March

By air from Gatwick to Zagreb with Easyjet; car hire from airport.

28 March

Sikuljie Mine

10.45 33-236 in steam, security advised no photography

Lucavac Exchange Sidings

Told that the train from the mine was due at 15.00

Lucavac Soda Works

11.45 Walked down line and immediately diesel shunter 797-821-6 came towards us light engine. Security in cab chopped his hands possibly implying that the steam had been cut.

Bukinje Shed and Works

12.50 Viewed from adjacent road.

33-504 Dismantled, no tender or cab
62-368 OOU
62-637 OOU
62-376 OOU
62-123 OOU
33-064 spare


A clean 33-503 moved in light steam. [it was due to do some shunting on 1 April.
Drove down to the works where we were asked whether we were members of the organised visit by LoRie. Replying in the negative we were told we needed a permit from Tuzla.
The mine is closed but work continues to fill in old workings.

14.00 Returned to Lucavac to find that the trip working had taken place.
14.10 661-312 left yard.

732-127 from power station shunting in yard.


62-111 dead at mine. Security who approached us as we drove up would not allow photographs. It had operated about 3 weeks before but will not resume before autumn. The connecting line was rusty.


15.50 740-108 arrived with train.

Banovici Town

25-31 unrestored on headshunt.

Oskova Washery [narrow gauge]

55-99 in steam
83-158 in steam
144R-03 stabled
740-107 stabled
740-113 stabled

The locos were possibly in steam for a LoRie visit the next day.

29 March

Oskova Washery

09.30 55-99 shunting


10.00 732-195 and 661-309 arrived with train presumably for the benefit of LoRie.
10.40 19-12 then started shunting for LoRie. Shunting finished about 12.00.


62-677 spare inside
62-125 OOU outside

Sikuljie Mine

13.20 As 33-236 worked onto a train 
13.35 It then took a full train tender first to the exchange sidings. This allowed the locals to board the wagons and start off loading coal which they subsequently bagged up and took away in wheel barrows. Returned 13.55 smokebox first and probably the best photo is it leaving the yard as it is downhill to the mine. There are public roads either side of the line which is generally unobstructed.
14.15 to 14.20 it worked at the far side of the mine which can be reached via an unofficial public footpath.
14.35 661-318 passed on train
16.50 55-99 left ? loading facility with covered van on LoRie special heading back to Oskova Washery.
17.40 33-248 passed level crossing about half a mile form Dubrave mine with return empties.

30 March

9.35 33-248 left Dubrave Mine smokebox first.
10.05 left exchange sidings with empties.

Oskova Washery

25-30 [rear] and 55-99 LoRie special with 8 empty wagons left at 11.40.
18.20 to 18.40 25-30 shunted in bright sunlight from other side of valley. Normally in the morning it shunts in shade.

31 March

Dubrave Mine

9.05 33-248 moved light engine and departed 9.10 with train smokebox first. Accessed site via field railway workers unconcerned about our prescence. After departure loco coasts down to exchange sidings.
9.50 Saw return working from elevated site near some opencast ?mine workings.

Banovici Works

11.00 83-158 coaling at loading facility departed 11.09 to Oskova.

25-29 OOU
25-32 OOU
25-33 OOU
720-002 inside diesel shed
740-113 outside diesel shed
720-00x frame and cab only in yard


15.15 to 15.35 33-236 shunted at far end of mine.
16.45 33-236 left mine with train.
17.05 returned light engine.

1 April

Zenica Mine

Arrived 08.20 to see 62-633 shunting in yard.

Went to gatehouse and despite mutual language problems by 08.40 we had authority from the “chef” to enter site and take photos! [needed to show passports].

09.38 62-233 took train of empties to Mittel steel works returned 10.12 light engine. It had a problem with a cylinder and we were told it would not work until following afternoon.
10.20 went on shed.

62-003 OOU in yard
62-648 OOU in yard
62-650 spare on shed

Zenica Steelworks

62-362 plinthed by entrance

Catici Washery

12.20 642-030 shunting yard.

62-020 spare on shed
62-366 spare on shed

The “chef” allowed us access to the shed but we were not allowed to take photos inside the shed.

Unidentified narrow gauge diesel seen working on the upper level.

Rudnik Makog Uglia, Kakanj

62-015 preserved under shelter at mine offices.

Breza Mine

14.00 to 14.25 62-363 did some shunting including going over the level crossing outside the mine area but not venturing down the branch.

14.10 642-183 arrived with empties left 14.36 with fulls.

Vares Steelworks

62-370 freshly painted in compound near road.

Narrow gauge steam not seen at main works.

Breza Mine

16.30 62-363 in steam but stationary.

62-672 assumed spare in shed. [Outline of upper part of loco only seen.]

2 April

Breza Mine

62-363 as 1 April DL–50, a 4wDE, was moving two wagons at a time.

Rajlovac Depot Sarajevo

Assumed KrLi 7498/18 0-6-0 WT named Bosna at right angles to line seen from building under construction.

3 April

Zenica Mine

62-633 seen at Mittel works brought load of empties up at 08.38 stopped then set off again at 08.55. Sun behind clouds so good action photos on connecting line which runs adjacent to security fence. This part of steelworks appears to have been sold off so access possible.


19-37 on plinth in main street near ZRS offices.

Rob Dickinson