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Steam in Bosnia 1998-2004

These provide links to the Bosnia reports between 1998 and 2004. A separate page provides links to the Bosnia reports between 2005 and 2009. 


Bernd Seiler ran another tour here in November 2003 (1st January 2004) and Keith Chester made a private visit in March 2004 (1st April 2004). Olivier Foiche tells me (12th May 2004) that there is still quite a lot of working steam in Bosnia.


Jonathan Allen travelled in the former Yugoslavia Tour (20-25 July 2003) - read his report (31st August 2003).


Friends of Christiane Neun visited in October 2002 and reported (2nd December 2002): "They told me that in Kakanj 62 020 - an original American engine - has got an overhaul. Nevertheless working engine was 62 366. Soda-factory in Lukavac which did use a 62 is closed. In Banovici three classes did work: 19 on standard gauge and classes 25 and 83 on narrow gauge. KREKA-mines - Bukinje: 62 working - Sikulje: 33 working - Mramor: 62 working - Dubrave: not visited" Chris Gee visited in May 2002 and reports on what he found (5th June 2002) - I also have Zoran Veresic's report (pictures added 4th September 2002). Richard Neun visited in February 2001 and has provided a comprehensive report. (10th March  2001). Steam survived into 2002 - click here for some February 2002 pictures (10th February 2002).


Pietro reports (18th December 2000): "Recently I went to Sarajevo to meet my father only for the weekend.  Some coal mines are quite near the town and in a cloudy day we had the chance to visit three of them. It was Saturday the 9th of December, we left Sarajevo early morning and drove to Breza. We asked and had the permission to photograph the last steam loco shunting there daily, the 62-672, but not for long. The manager told us the mine is for sale, and the loco will be probably abandoned. We left Breza for Kakanj, following the old road, which pass through just before Kakanj the huge Mrkog Uglja mine. From the road we saw a well preserved class 62 working. We asked again first of all the permission to take photographs, and then spent a long time with the very friendly crew, following their 62-381 everywhere, having a drive experience...even the sun appears! Again sadly all this will be part of the past. The manager of the site told us that very soon a diesel loco will arrive to substitute the steam one. The next and last place we visited was Zenica industrial site. Unfortunately we couldn't get any permission to go in. We just observed briefly a 62-650 shunting. I don't think there were other steam locos working that afternoon. " His pictures are with his first report. Regular correspondent Zoran Veresic organised a visiting party in August 2000 (4th September 2000)  


Zoran's previous visit was in October 1999, read his rather depressing report (22nd October 1999).  Tony Schuler worked here in October 1999 and has sent a picure of one of the class 33s at Tuzla (5th March 2001). Pietro was here in August 1999 - read his brief illustrated report (added 24th September 1999).


Check out Frank Engel's pages (11th November 1998) for a report in German. Zoran Veresic was in Bosnia in early August 1998 (report added 9th Sep 1998). Five new pictures from Bosnia have been added to the main Bosnian page (16th/22nd/23rd Sep 98). "In the coal mine at Banovici narrow gauge 83-159 is working (unfortunately not when we were there!) and Skoda 25-30. One locomotive was on major overhaul, 83-158, this had been sold to the "Feistritztalbahn" to the club "U 44" in Austria for 140.000 DM plus all parts. The other two class 83 are in bad condition - 83-180 & 83-181. On the standard gauge we saw 62-125 working (Djuro Djakovic 1956/614), Skoda 19-12 (1948/1912) as reserve loco and 144-R 03, Fives Lille, waiting for repair, and 62-677, not in working condition."

Rob Dickinson