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Steam Survivors in Armenia

Alison Smith was recently in Yerevan (24th August 2023) and confirms that the narrow gauge 0-8-0T is still present:

Jez Graham (19th February 2020) has added this L class to the list of survivors. According to this page, which shows 5 locomotives, it is at the workshops and is 3770. If you visit, you may find security unfriendly...

Mark Enderby writes:

Like many of the Russian satellites, Armenia has been electrified for a long time. I suspect these may well be the only 2 steam locos left in the country – until someone proves me wrong.

The first shot is an 0-10-0 “preserved” at Yerevan main station. It appears to be one of the ubiquitous variants of the E class:.

The second is on Yerevan’s Pioneer railway. The short railway is operational (using a Ty2 diesel) but the steam loco is clearly unusable. (The gauge here is reported elsewhere as 2'6" or 762mm and the loco said to be numbered 159-434, Harvey Smith has since confirmed that the gauge is actually 750mm RD)

This was a 2002 report from Tim Littler:

Very poor country and railways in dire state with virtually no traffic. Yerevan has only four local trains per day plus a train to Tbilisi every other day. There was one L class on Yerevan depot that had been partially restored but work stopped when the restorer died. The steam reserve at Masis was mostly cut up. The steam reserve at Gyumri has gone except for several locos (steam and diesel) trapped in the old depot that had been destroyed during the 1988 earthquake.

Rob Dickinson