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Restored broad gauge Argentine steam locomotives

Non-narrow gauge steam here hardly gets a look in on these pages so I was delighted to get this snippet from Nelida Acerbo (28th November 2003). Former Central Argentine Railway PS 10 class 4-6-2 191 (North British 1914, 5ft 6in gauge) has been restored to working order at Perez (the location of the former FCCA workshops near Rosario, north-west of Buenos Aires). Pablo Varetti has sent me a picture of this magnificent beast taken on 25th April 2006 (added 19th May 2006).


Pablo also sent a picture (19th May 2006) of this Kerr Stuart 0-6-0ST of 1906 recently restored by Ferroviario Club del Central Argentina, it belonged originally to the Gran Oeste Argentina Railway:


Rob Dickinson