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The Tharrawaw Flyer, Burma 2009, Part 3

This is the twenty fifth part of our 2009 Burmese Odyssey. To read more about our 2009 bash which includes many non-steam items, please see Rob and Yuehong in the Golden Land 2009. Click here for Part Two of the Tharrawaw Flyer.

Tharrawaw (Jetty) Station at the end of the branch from Letpadan has got to be one of the rarest of Burma Railway's grices, a single track with a siding beyond, which is out of use:

The track ends in mid air above the river bank, there is a pile of rails nearby, I guess once there was a winch or similar for transferring wagons:

It is even more 'ethnic' than Madauk, the community consists of wooden shacks along the railway and a small market:

Pig rearing seems to be everyone's occupation:

Although the nearby river offers a bounteous harvest:

It is nearly four hours to train time, but the upper class waiting room is full to overflowing:

Fortunately, Han charms the lady opposite who has an excellent restaurant business and I set myself up with my laptop for an instant blog. The only cold beer available is Dagon Red Label, a bargain at Ky 1400 but lethal at 8.8%, I have to mix it with water...

Afterwards we have an excellent lunch at a bargain price, I love the waitress:

And all day, the ferries chug past:


While the local chief relaxes waiting for lunch:


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Rob and Yuehong Dickinson