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Case Notes - Steam in Australia
New South Wales
1972, end of steam on NSWGR-4
The Short North Part 1

Terry Case writes about his travels for steam. Further tales will follow from time to time covering more of Australia, India, South Africa, Indonesia and Pakistan.

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On 16th May 1972, following one of my visits to Port Waratah I paused at the road bridge that overlooked the neck of the yards, a Standard Goods drifted downgrade into the yard with yet another coal train then Garratt 6018 got the road and heaved its lengthy train upgrade towards Broadmeadow on a freight that it will work as far as Gosford on the mainline to Sydney. 16/5/72. The 60 class Garratts built by Beyer Peacock were the final steam locos built for NSWGR, the class was delivered 1952-1957. 

A local fan offered me a lift to Broadmeadow which I gratefully accepted; we set up in the yard near the shed and in late afternoon light watched 5905 finish its pilot duties and the amble back to the depot; shortly after 6029 joined it. The 59 class were delivered from America in the early 1950s, they resemble similar locos delivered he Middle East and India as part of the American war effort and were a cut down version.with other design modifications.

6029 prepares to go on shed.

We photographed 6018 as it ran through on the mainline and then raced through the suburbs to a spot overlooking Tickhole tunnel and I was able to see 6018 working at full stretch as it hauled its train up the steep grade and into the tunnel; show-time was over but what a great day it had been!

Rob Dickinson