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A Week in Austria, 1963

The UK's 'Torquay Herald' newspaper may seem an unlikely source for information on international steam nearly 50 years ago, but Peter W. Gray has written a 6 part series of short articles on a week long trip with the Railway Correspondence and Travel Society (RCTS) to Austria and back by train. Many thanks to John Ball for bring this to my attention via Robert Hall. If you enjoy these tales, you should read Robert's account of his own visit in 1970.

Below are links to each of the parts, the publisher's have said they will remain live indefinitely, but if the links go dead, I have the text safe and will upload it. I could do it now, but since I got such a prompt and warm response from the paper, I am not going to abuse their copyright.

Either Mr. Gray is related to the editor or that person must be a gricer. The 'Western Daily Press' based in Bristol is from the same stable and has always featured regular historic steam coverage but only of its own area!

The dates given are those of publication:

Even without much in the way of photographic coverage, the articles paint a mouth watering picture of a country with some amazing vintage steam relics.

Robert Hall has provided this map which shows the areas visited:

Rob Dickinson