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Narrow Gauge Reed and Salt Railways and Old Trams in China - July 2014

by Shibata Taro

Linghai (Jincheng Reed Railway), Fuzhouwan (Salt Railway), Dalian

In 2012, I have visited Jincheng Reed Paper Company at Linghai city, Liaoning Province and Reed narrow gauge operation was stopped (already reported). But in this year I have got interesting information for Reed narrow. Some Chinese railway fan visited Reed narrow, it's continuing to operate around Dongguo town, Panjin city. I informed another Japanese railway fan, he confirmed to operate Reed line around there. And I visited this area from 17th to 20th July.
Report is as below:

Reed Narrow History
The origin of Jincheng Paper Group was established by Japan Oji Paper in 1939, former name "Jinzhou Pulp Company". Factory was constructed at Linghai and Reed field was far around 20km from factory. Material transportation is by narrow gauge train. (As we know "Sand, Salt, Reed and Coal" DVD by John Raby.)
But Jincheng Paper Group fell into financial difficulties and in 2011 Reed line abolished. But in 2012 Liaoning Zhenxing Group Ecology Development bought Jincheng's paper field (http://www.lnzxstjt.com/). Line map is shown here

Line map of new operation by Liaoning Zhenxing Group Ecology Development.

And Jincheng Paper Group continues to use narrow locomotive inside factory for material store yard.

Operation Report
At 18th July I got on taxi to Jincheng Factory from Hotel arriving at 0550. Neighborhood advised me to ask factory guardsman. He said factory operation starts around 0800-0830. I returned the crossing, narrow DL started shunting. The DL (No.8) was shunting from material store yard to factory store. Crossing staff asked my visit, I explained the purpose (Looking and taking photo) in my poor Chinese. So he understood my purpose and treated friendly. Shunting time was 0605-0657. Staff said "Work is over". I said them good-bye.
And I check out the hotel (Huayuan Hotel, 180CNY) and got on bus to Jincheng around 0900, I saw other DL. It was finished shunting, I cannot see loco detail.

Jincheng Factory Map.

Jincheng Factory Paper Yard (No. 8), 18th July 2014.

Jincheng Factory Paper Yard (No. 8), 18th July 2014.

Jincheng Factory Paper, small DL, 18th July 2014.

I got off Dongguo (Panjin city) by bus at 0940. Near the crossing, I saw the DL (No.3, made by Changzhou 2009). I walked to northeast. Some staffs were maintaining the rail, two train waited. I was greeting the staffs in poor Chinese, they become friendly. Maintain train was DL No.2, and empty train was DL No.15 (made by Jiangsu 2012). Waiting the maintaining, other train came the crossing. This was Reed train (DL No.11) at 1030. It passed to factory, next Reed train came here (DL No.13). And at crossing I take photo empty train (No.15). Photo finished, I walked to first reed field, Wangjiagong. One hour walking, I saw the abandoned station. DL No.15 rested there, and some staff said reed field is permitted so I returned to Dongguo town.
It was sunny and hot day so I rested trackside, Maintaining train (No.2) passed at 1315. And I waited one hour, no operating. So I decided to get on bus. (via Pajin to Dashiqiao)

Dongguo, Maintain Train (No.2), 18th July 2014.

Dongguo, Reed train (No.13), 18th July 2014.

Wangjiagong Abandoned station, 18th July 2014.

Locomotive details
I recorded prefix number & plate on only 2 locomotives, No. 3 and No. 15.
No.3 is made by Changzhou Chan'an, Prefix number "09-017" CAY120N.
No.15 is made by Jiangsu KTK Vehicle, Prefix number "201201021" JMY120.
(Gray & Blue locomotives are made by Chang'an, Blue locomotives are made by Jiangsu KTK.)

Jiangsu KTK Group's website is as follows;
This company was founded in 1964, former "Changzhou mining motor and diesel locomotive factory".

Perhaps company name changed from Changzhou to Jiangsu KTK...?
I searched by Google, but cannot find Changzhou Chan'an website...
And Locomotive model name changed ? (CAY120N -> JMY120) I don't know in detail.

Loco no. 3, 18th July 2014.

Works plate of loco no. 3, 18th July 2014.

Loco no. 15, 18th July 2014.

Works plate of loco no. 15, 18th July 2014.

Fuzhouwan (Salt Railway), Jincheng and Dalian
At 19th July I went to Fuzhouwan via Pulandian by train and bus. Jincheng Operating was mainly between salt yard and factory. Staffs were almost friendly, but they want me not to take photo. I saw operating around 1200-1400, and I returned Dalian via Pulandian by bus. This weeks are holiday seasons in China (School Holiday), so it was difficult to get the hotel without having reserved. Finally I got the hotel 468CNY in a day, very expensive. Dalian Tram (No.201) was not changed, but Dalian old port railway was abolished by redevelopment. There were few tracks at North Dalian freight station. Other areas were also same, old constructions (mostly Manchurian) were rebuilt or bulldozed.

Fuzhouwan Jincheng Salt Railway, 19th July 2014.

Dalian old Tram (route 201), 19th July 2014.

Rebuilt Dalian Old Port, 19th July 2014.

Dalian Old Port Line, 19th July 2014.

I was unaware that at Dalian, the Ganjingzi Port electric locomotives had finished by 2010.
You mention "pier cars", can you give me further inforormaion? D.F.

Ganjingzi Port locomotives (made by Japan Kawasaki Rolling Stock in 1930) were over in 2010.
The pier cars were self-propelled independent of locomotives.
Not equal to Electric locomotives. There were over 10 pier cars used.
They say No.1-No.4 were made in U.S.A., but I cannot confirm detail because pier staff required us to get off this area.

Self-propelled pier car (Out of use, 2010).

Replacement port loading system, 2010.

Shibata Taro, Kanagawa Pref., Japan

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