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Steam in China - October 2005

by Dave Fielding

Looking Back at Kailuan Coal Mining Administration, Tangshan,

Having read Peter Crush's report on the 18 SYs still "existing" on the Kailuan Coal Mining Administration, I have been looking at an old notebook as I visited Tangshan Coal Mine and then on to part of the Guye system with the Industrial Railway Society/Locomotive Club of Great Britain on 25th October 2005.

We arrived in Tangshan on the evening of 24th October and found "SY 0001", really SY 0962, plinthed in a small park.

Next day we first visited Tangshan Coal Mine, part of Kailuan Coal Mining Administration, but found a line up of 4 SYs, steam having apparently finished.

SYs 0955, 0793, 1679, 0964 lined up at Tangshan Coal Mine.

At the end of the line, SY 0964, with smoke deflectors removed but still with skyline casing, appeared to have beem out of use for some time.

In contrast, at the front of the line, SY 0955 looked in good condition and might have recently returned from the Linxi Repair Workshop, although both cab sides were without numbers.
But was it ever used again?

We then continued to locations on the Guye Mining Railway. First at Linxi, near the level crossing, we looked around a large workshop with seven SYs present, where I had no photographic opportunities. There were not many workers as if they were ready to adandon steam. Then on to what I think was the Fangezhuang Coal Mine where in addition to diesel GK1E 3206 built Beijing, 2005, two SYs were working.

SY 1289 shunting at Fangezhuang Coal Mine.

SY 1184 passes Fangezhuang Coal Mine on a train of side tipping wagons.

A second shot of SY 1184 passing Fangezhuang Coal Mine.

A very interesting picture taken in 2002 and found on Google Earth Panoramio, identified by Pang Dawei as at Fangezhuang Coal Mine.
SY 1289 pictured above could well be one of the three SYs in this picture.

The next location was Lujiatou Coal Mine where SYs 0379 and 0475 were working, but not photographed, and SYs 1759, 1115, 0021 and 0015 were lined up in varying conditions.

SYs 1759, 1115, 0021 and 0015 lined up at Lujiatou Coal Mine.

SY 0021 was a very early built SY, behind it was even earlier built SY 0015.

Finally we visited Qianying Mine which like Tangshan appeared to have finished with steam. Four diesels were working and three SYs stored out of use.

Locos seen

Tangshan Coal Mine (Kailuan Coal Mining Administration)
Loco no.Tangshan
SY 07931974 03Withdrawn
SY 09551975 02Withdrawn
SY 09641975 03Withdrawn (Skyline casing, no longer fitted with large smoke deflectors)
SY 16791990 01Withdrawn
GK1C 0137 Built 2002
GK1C 0634 Built 2005


Guye Mining Railway (Kailuan Coal Mining Administration)
Loco no.Tangshan
SY 0015 Withdrawn at Lujiatuo mine
SY 0021 Withdrawn at Lujiatuo mine
SY 0031 Withdrawn at Quianying mine
SY 0109 In Linxi workshop, being worked on
SY 0132 Withdrawn at Quianying mine
SY 0379 Working at Lujiatuo mine
SY 04531972 01In Linxi workshop, work started then abandoned?, tender outside in undercoat
SY 0475 Working at Lujiatuo mine
SY 10681975 10At Linxi workshop
SY 1069 Withdrawn at Quianying mine
SY 11151980 08Withdrawn at Lujiatuo mine
SY 11711982 04Out of use in Linxi workshop
SY 1184 Working at Fangezhuang mine, repaired Sujiatun 2004 11
SY 1289 Working at Fangezhuang mine
SY 15021986 11In Linxi workshop, repaired Sujiatun 2004 09
SY 16801990 02At Linxi workshop
SY 17591994 07Withdrawn at Lujiatuo mine
06 1985 3 0-6-0D, ZN150, NJ150, in Linxi workshop
DF7C 5706 At Qianying mine
DF12 0090 At Fangezhuang mine, blue
DF12 0091 On 5 coach passenger train near Linxi workshop, blue, Co-Co, built 2005
GK1C 0138 At Qianying mine
GK1C 0288 At Fangezhuang mine, blue, built 2005
GK1C 0289 Working at Lujiatou mine
GK1C 0618 At Qianying mine
GK1C 0633 At Qianying mine
GK1E 3206 Working at Fangezhuang mine, orange, built Beijing 2005

To summarise, of the mines visited, some steam working at Liujiatou and Fangezuang, steam withdrawn at Tangshan and Qianying.

Dave Fielding

2014 Dave Fielding