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Steam in China - March, April 2012

by Isao Kanda

Fuxin, Fula'erji, Jalainur (Zhalainuoer), Pingzhuang, Hongmiao (Malin), Yuanbaoshan

Fuxin Coal Railway, March 26-27 & March 31-April 2
Because of the many steam locos used by the coal mine railway, Fuxin is attracting attention from enthusiasts. I also saw a lot of locos. Passenger train in the early morning there is a scarcity value for an industrial railway. On April 1, at the shift change time, I saw 9 locos. They were SY0770, SY0988, SY1195, SY1210, SY1319, SY1320, SY1378, SY1397, SY1818.


A strange sight in Fuxin is the smoke of powder rubble, I would say the biggest thrill in Fuxin. An exact time has not been determined, but it can be seen several times a day.



I uploaded a video of how to go to this point (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hUGrqrVygtU). Click here to watch it.
I climbed on foot, because I did not know if it is possible to climb by the car. It takes 50 minutes to walk to the summit. But I heard from my friend "Walk yourself was foolish act". Oh my god!! I recommend that you go by taxi.

Heilongjiang Chemical Plant, March 28
In Fula'erji, there are several places where steam locomotive are used. I went to the second power plant. But I was not able to enter the power plant. I saw only smoke of Type JS.
I went to Heilongjiang Chemical Plant. I saw 2 of Type SY. They were SY0118 and SY1688.



Jalainur (Zhalainuoer) Opencast Mine, March 30
I visited the Zhalainuoer for the first time in three years.
In the opencast coal mine, all rail was removed, that was the sad reality.


There is only one good news. At the depot outside the coal mine, 1 of Type SY was in steam. It was SY1618 that is only one steam locomotive in Zhalainuoer now. Three years ago, SY1618 was not equipped with smoke deflectors. Equipped with smoke deflectors was SY1416. But I don't know why this change has happened.


I uploaded a video of the current landscape of Zhalainuoer and SY1618 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IENr5b_yXlM). Please watch it.

Pingzhuang Mining Railway, Yuanbaoshan Coal Railway, Malin Coal Mine, April 5-7
I stayed at the "Pingzhuang Hotel" in Pingzhuang city, spending three days in and around. During the three days, I saw five steam locomotive in Pingzhuang Mining Railway. They were SY1017, SY1052, SY1083, SY1487, SY1764. SY1083 was equipped with smoke deflectors.


Zhuang mei station was good location even after the sunset. I uploaded a video about Zhuang mei station and SY1083 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uhbsf3y0VjI). Please watch it!.


April 6, I went by bus from Pingzhuang terminal to Yuanbaoshan terminal. I chartered a taxi for 200RMB. Coal Mine and Yuanbaoshan Coal Railway were investigated . At Hongmiao (Malin) Coal Mine there was one SY. It was SY 1565. However, there was no work for it. Another one was in the shed, not identified.


I returned to Yuanbaoshan at 14:00, for the passenger train. After chasing the passenger train (loco was JS8242) to Feng shui gou , I took the bus back to Pingzhuang.


I met a lot of enthusiasts during the trip.
Thanks to all enthusiasts.

My other movies will be uploaded to my Youtube account.
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Thank you.

Isao Kanda (from Tokyo, Japan)

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