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Steam in China, February 2012

by Shibata Taro

Pingzhuang, Hongmiao, Yuanbaoshan

From 11th to 14th Feb I visited China Pingzhuang, Yuanbaoshan and Beijing. Steam locomotives are still living, they say it's a last place.

1. Schedule
11th Feb: HND-PEK(NH1255), Beijingbei-Chifeng(2559 RW)
12th Feb: Chifeng-Pingzhuang
13th Feb: Yuanbaoshan, Hongmiao, Chifeng-Beijingbei(2560 RW)
14th Feb: China Railway Museum, PEK-HND(NH1256)

2. Pingzhuang
2559 train arrived at Chifeng, I chartered the taxi to Pingzhuang Zhuangmeichang. But driver did not take us there. Somehow we reached there and started to take photos at the same time. We saw five steam locomotives as follows:
SY 1017, 1052, 1083(Deflector), 1441 and 1487(Xilutian Opencast).
We have no information concerning any change to diesel operation, this is one of the last places for steam locomotives in the world. Slogan board means "Harmony and Peaceful", it's Chinese government's present slogan. Deflector SY 1083 operated to Wujia coal mine at afternoon of 12th. All staff are friendly, no problem. (If possible, we should bring foreign tobacco. In Chinese, giving the tobacco is greeting manner.) Only one bad news - Xilutian opencast train was rare operating, I think it will be stopped by train in one or two years. (like Jalainuir, Fuxin and Fushun).

At Zhuangmeichang crossing.

"Steam in Dragon" at Zhuangmeichang.

SY 1017 "Harmony and Peaceful" at Zhuangmeichang.

SY 1083 near Wujia coal mine.

Night steam at Zhuangmeichang.

3. Hongmiao and Yuanbaoshan
At Hongmiao, SY 1418 and 1565 are shunting. One of the staff is not friendly, but they didn't stop us taking photos. No information on buying diesels.

SY 1418 prepares to leave the depot.

At Yuanbaoshan, only JS 8242 was in use. Passenger train at 07:00 and 14:00 (Fare is 3.00CNY) from Xizhan. They say steam locomotive will stop at the end of April, so ending will be soon.

JS 8242 picks up freight cars (type KF) at Xizhan.

Mixed train arrives at the terminus of Fengshuigou.

4. Beijing
One of my purposes was to purchase Chinese railway books at "Chinese Railway Publishing" to investigate Chinese railway and freight cars technology. On 11th Feb I went there and bought some books, very interesting. On 14th Feb I visited Chinese Railway Museum, main purpose was looking at rolling stock, freight cars and so on.

Shibata Taro

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