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Steam in China - February, March 2011

by Isao Kanda

Guanlin, Yiyang, Yuzhou, Xingyang, Zoucheng, Huanan, Jixi, Huludao, Bajiaotai

Guanlin Steelworks, Luoyang, February 19.
I got off the high speed train at Luoyang-Longmen Station and went to Guanlin Steelworks. I saw 3 locos (SY 0866, SY 2014 and SY1316) in steam. But they made no signs of moving, so I decided to move on to the next location.



Yiyang Chemical Fertiliser Plant, February 19-20.
I moved from Luoyang to Yiyang. Yiyang is located southwest of Luoyang at the end of a 32 kilometre branch from Guanlin. When I arrived in Yiyang, I reached the chemical fertiliser plant by taxi. There was one locomotive in the chemical fertiliser plant, it was SY 0509. It remained in the chemical fertiliser plant and did not come out. I stayed in my hotel overnight.
The next morning, I returned to the fertiliser plant and at 07:22, the locomotive came out pulling freight cars. It did just a little work and soon went back into the plant. I decided to move on to the next location.



Pingdingshan-Yuzhou Railway, February 20.
I moved from Yiyang to Yuzhou and went to Huangyudian station. But no loco so then I went to Yuzhou station. I saw two diesel but no steam locomotives. I asked one of the Railway staff about the steam locomotives. He said "Already no steam locos".
Oh my god!!

Xingyang, February 21-22.
I arrived at the brickworks railway in Xingyang at about 10:00. I had heard rumours that this railway will be discontinued. However, research is needed. I immediately began research. Suddenly, at 10:10 the locomotive came minus the number of wagons. I was surprised and very happy. Then the locomotive repeated return trips many times. For two days, I spent blissful moments. At the bridge which carries the high-speed line, I succeeded with a picture of a CRH train on the bridge and the C2 on its train below.

Here is my movie clip (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WznzgvP9cts). Click here to watch it.



Zoucheng, February 23.
I arrived Yanzhou station at 4:00 a.m. and went to Zoucheng, first to Xinglongzhan where QJ 7190 was at work. After eating breakfast, I went to Dadongzhang. QJ 7189 was waiting there. Then, at 9:07, QJ 7190 arrived. At 9:13, QJ 7189 went out to pull a train and at 9:56, QJ 7190 went out to pull a train. Then I went to the power plant. QJ 7189 and QJ 7190 arrived to work in the yards. At 12:50, QJ 7189 went out to pull a train and at 15:32, QJ 7190 went out to pull a train.



Huanan, February 26.
At 6:30 a.m., I went to the depot. 2 locomotives (168 and 044) were in steam. There was heavy snow and following the Chinese New Year, full-scale operation had not yet resumed. At 8:30, 044 went to Touyaozi, pulling only a short train.



Jixi, February 27.
At 8:30, I went to Chengzihe. Chinese enthusiasts were already taking pictures. Steam locomotives came one after the other. I saw SY 1545, SY 1340, SY 1369 and SY 1058. An exciting place was still alive and well.



Huludao, February 28.
Unfortunate news.
I wished to continue from last year, so went to the Huludao cement plant on February 28, however the steam locomotives had gone. I asked one of the staff, the answer was sad. The reason was because the company bought a new DF7.
Oh my god!!
We can never again see steam locomotives here.

Jinzhou power plant, Bajiaotai, March 1.
I took the bus line 202 from Jinzhou Railway Station to Bajiaotai power plant. I saw 2 steam locomotives (JS 6244 and JS 8116). JS 8116 was working at 14:00 and 16:00. It was pulling wagons from the the CR station. This is a very short line, but its prospects for the future may be good.

Here is my movie clip (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oq6VlxuI01s). Click here to watch it.



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Isao Kanda (from Tokyo, Japan)

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