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Steam in China, August and October 2010

by "Zebedee" (Zhang Guangyu)

Guangyuan (Rongshan)

Trip Report to the Rongshan NG. rly.

The Rongshan NG. rly. is a line with extremely scenic spots to photo the C2 steam locomotives.
I have visited it several times previously by myself. There is bad news that this line would be electrified by March 2011. So I went there again on 26-28/12/2010 to photograph the lovely line.

Now I would like to share the pictures with the people who are interested. This NG. rly. belongs to Rongshan Coal Mine Company. It is located in Rongshan town, which is 25 Km to the east of Guangyuan city. It was built in 1959-1960. The line is 7 km long from the north, (Rongshan station), to the Southeast (Yujia Bian station). The gauge is 762 mm. There are 3 stations on the line: Rongshan station, Shanzi Ba station and Yujia Bian station. There are 3 bridges and one 180 metre tunnel. (The map is shown below).

There are 4 C2 locomotives serviceable, which were made in Harbin Forest Machine Factory. They are: 210, 211, 218 and 219. Normally, one can haul more than 20 wagons.

During my trip on 26-28th December 2010, 211, 218 and 219 were in the depot. Only 210 was working with 5 wagons for the staff and the locals. They had transported coal until September 2010, but since then there was no more product from the Rongshan Coal Mine Company for the line to haul.

The timetable for the C2 is:

Sun. Mon. Wed. Fri. Sat. twice/day,depart 8:30am 3:30pm
Tues. Thur. three times/day,depart 8:30am12:20pm3:30pm

I was lucky being on the C2 210 on the afternoon of 27/12/2010 and got some nice photos on it. It was a wonderful memory for me, hope you like my report.

Thanks to Louis Cerny for passing on information and pictures which "Zebedee" sent to him.

Nine pictures from the 27th December.

Pictures from 26th and 28th December.

Pictures from earlier visits, May and November 2010.

Zhang Guangyu

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