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Steam in China - January 2011

by Peter Semmelroch

Xingyang the End ?

Just back from 3 days in Xingyang (8.1.-10.1.2011). The line is on its last legs now. Frequent failures of the locomotive (2 on Saturday, 1 serious failure with a rod broken on the line on Sunday) and of the rolling stock as well as frequent derailments. They have coal left for approximately another week and will obviously not get any new coal. They will close on or around next Monday Janaury 17. All staff are convinced that it will be the end, although an official decision about the future (of the whole brickworks I guess) will be taken after Chinese New Year only.
07 is in use coupled with the tender of 207, 207 is cold in the shed (with 07s tender). Only one unloading point is in use nowadays, the one where they have to cross the main road. Also only this part of the brickworks is still working.
Only 3 to 5 pairs of trains, roundtrips take 2 hours now. The loco has to stop for boiling steam when going with empties to the loading point at the beginning of the valley section. It is really in bad condition.

What a wonderful line and operation, why cant it last forever?


Peter Semmelroch

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2011 Peter Semmelroch