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Steam in China, August and October 2010

by "Salmon fishing enthusiast"


The author of this report has asked to remain anonymous.

In August and October of last year I visited Guangyuan to photograph and report on the steam locomotives.

When I visited in August, there was nothing of the electrification, but a lot of people doing roadwork to the prison. On the standard gauge SY 1434 was in steam outside its shed. The C2s working were 210 (a normal tender) and 219 (a sloping back SY style tender). From information I understood electrification construction was to start in November.

I visited the line again in October, the roadworks had advanced a little. The area was wary of a demonstration because of the Senkaku Islands fishing boat collision case, and there were many police officers about. A SY was outside but it was not possible to confirm the number. C2 211 (a normal tender) was working the narrow gauge. Because I am a foreigner, I cannot freely photograph. I am very disappointed since the narrow gauge passes through splendid scenery. I want to record the steam locomotive destined to be replaced by electrification, I am secret and want to visit it again if it is possible.

Note: C2 219 mentioned above is additional to the three C2 listed in the News item of May 13th 2010. D.F.

Four pictures from the August visit followed by six pictures and an enlargement from October.

(enlargement from previous picture)

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