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Steam in China - March, April 2010

by Isao Kanda

Sandaoling, Meijiaping, Shibanxi, Xingyang, Nanpiao, Huludao, Yuanbaoshan

Sandaoling, March 14-15.

March 14. I arrived at the Hami station by T70 at 2:20AM. At once,I went to Sandaoling by chartering a taxi. At first, I went to Nanzhan. There were SY 1729, 3 JS and 4 diesel locos there. JS 8358 and 10 wagons went to Liushuquan station at 8:00AM. JS 8358 came back alone to Nanzhan at 10:00AM. But afterwards, trains that went to Liushuquan station were all diesel loco.

March 15. I went to Xibolizhan at 8:00AM. I saw JS 8076, JS 8194, JS 6224 and JS 8167. Also a lot of other locos. Afterwards, I moved to Nanzhan at 11:00AM. JS 8366 returned from Liushuquan around 12:00 PM. It was alone, just as on the day before. There was no steam train later that went to Liushuquan, only diesel locos. Banked steam trains cannot be seen any longer.
A wonderful spectacle was seen in Xibolizhan at midnight of this day. It does not show in photographs. There is a video that I took in Xibolizhan. Please watch by all means.



Meijiaping, March 18.

March 18. I arrived at Meijiaping at 10:00AM. QJ 2698 had already worked. QJ 2698 pulled 14 wagon,and went to Meijiaping at 10:30AM. QJ 2698 came back at 11:00AM with some empty wagons. I asked the security guard about loco's schedule, but he said to me, "Today no more trains, next train is tomorrow morning, 9:00AM. The train leaves at 9:00AM every morning". Reluctantly, I decided to leave. There is my video of Meijiaping. Please watch.



Shibanxi, March 20-21.

March 20. I arrived at Shixi Station at 8:00AM. The train that came from Huangcunjing at 8:30AM arrives. Loco was No.14. But, this loco's tender No. was 9!! Which No. was truth? The additional train left for 9:00AM. Loco was No.8 (or is this tender no.?, see below, D.F.). I went to Huangcunjing by 9:30AM regular train. The regular trains on this day were all No.14 (tender No.9). I stayed in the dormitory of Mifengyan. It was very cheap (30RMB) and it was reasonable.

March 21. I got up early and went to Xianrenjiao by the first train. More trains than usual ran on this day, because Japanese tourists chartered a train. The regular trains were all No.14 (tender No.9). Chartered train was No.9 (tender No.8). Other additional trains were No.10 (tender No.14). The number of all loco and the number of the tender differed. It was very negligent! However, a wonderful sound and scenery forgot those inconveniences.
There is my video of Shibanxi. Please watch.



Xingyang, March 24-26.

March 24. I arrived at the brickworks in Xingyang at 7:00AM. Loco 207 had already been prepared. I asked the driver the departure time. He replied "At 7:30AM.", but departure was at 8:30AM. One round trip and the train shunted for almost one hour. I took pictures of the train on 8 round trips. It was very busy working.

March 25. In the morning, trouble came to the loco. The repair ended at 11:00AM. It shunted well afterwards. It worked busily after the sun had set.

March 26. The loco was again working well in the morning. Japanese and British enthusiastic people came. They took pictures of the famous bridge, satisfied, and returned. I also took pictures and movies there. There is my video of Xingyang. Please watch.



Nanpiao, March 31-April 1.

March 31. I got on the bus for Huangjia that leaves Jinzhou at 10:10AM. I went from Huangjia to the Xiamiaozi station. However, there is no moving loco. There was only cold SY 0754. I called a friend. The friend is a taxi driver who lives there. I asked him for information on locos. He said to me, "Now only one loco moving." The loco was in Zaojiatun. We went to Zaojiatun, it was SY 1299 that was there. I went to the hotel because there was no active movement.

April 1. SY 1299 was in Xiamiaozi station for a long time from early morning. There was no sign of it working, I gave up and headed for the bus terminal. My friend instructed me, "Steam loco will be fully abolished this year". It is very sad.



Huludao, April 1-3.

April 1. I arrived at Huludao in about one hour after getting on the bus from the Huangjia bus terminal of Nanpiao. I went to the steam depot after having done the check-in at the hotel in front of Huludao station. There was one loco (JS 6243). I looked in the depot. There were cold SY 1415 and JS 6307 inside. I asked one of the staff. He said, "Two locos (JS 6243 and JS 8207) are being used now". JS 8207 returned alone at 17:00PM.

April 2. JS 6243 left the steam depot with a diesel loco at 8:00AM. JS 6243 came back with 14 wagons at 17:00PM. JS 8207 did not move all day long at the steam depot. April 3. JS 6243 left the steam depot with diesel loco at 8:00AM.
There is my video of Huludao. Please watch.



Yuanbaoshan, April 5-6.

April 5. I chartered a taxi, and arrived at Xizhan at 11:00AM. The passenger train that had come from Fengshuigou had just arrived. Loco was JS 8242. Afterwards, JS 8242 didn't move until 14:00PM. The passenger train of JS 8242 went to Fengshuigou again at 14:00PM.

April 6. I arrived at Xizhan at 13:30PM. JS 8242 had already prepared for the departure. I left without waiting for JS 8242 and prepared to take pictures. A freight train came when I was waiting for JS 8242, loco was a diesel. I think that now freight trains have diesel locos and the passenger train has a steam loco.
There is my video of Yuanbaoshan. Please watch.



Isao Kanda (Japan)

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