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Steam in China - December 2009

by Shibata Taro

Diaobingshan (Tiefa), Dalian

I have visited China Liaoning province, Diaobingshan and Dalian City to take picture of steam and narrow gauge from 19/Dec to 21/Dec. It was a short trip.

My route was:
19/Dec: HND-KIX(NH141), KIX-TAO(NH157), TAO-SHE(SC4989)
HND=Haneda, Tokyo, KIX=Kansai International, TAO=Qingdao
Shenyangbei-Tieling(D177 for CRH5)
Tieling-Diaobingshan by night bus(9RMB)

20/Dec: Around Diaobingshan
Diaobingshan-Tieling by shared taxi(15RMB)
Tieling-Dalian(22:20 for soft sleeper car RW25B)

21/Dec: Around Dalian
No.201 Tram, Dalian Big Hole, Ganjingzi Electric loco
NRT=Narita International, Tokyo

Diaobingshan (Tiefa) 19,20/Dec
It was a fine day but too cold, about minus 15 degrees.
I took pictures around Diaobingshan, Dalong, Sanjiazi and an unknown station between Diaobingshan and Sanjiazi.
SY 1770 and 1772 were operating, otherwise only DF4 and DF5B diesel locomotives.
I saw a Chinese and a European railway fan around Diaobingshan station.
The permit cost 120RMB.

After evening arrival on 19/Dec.

Near Diaobingshan on 20/Dec.

Near Diaobingshan on 20/Dec.

Unknown station between Diaobingshan and Sanjiazi on 20/Dec.

Dalian 21/Dec
Dalian Big Hole(Angang Dalian Lime Opencast) On 21/Dec I went to northside of Dalian Big Hole by taxi.
It is near No.20 Dalian High School, we can walk to north side without trouble.
About ten o'clock small locomotive moved around north side, but its purpose was for maintenance, not loading. I guess trucks are used for lime ore loading, railway is only used for maintenance or transportation of lime ore workers.
Locomotive is same as John Raby's information. This lime ore belongs to Anshan Steel Group Dalian lime ore opencast.

Dalian Tram.

Small train at Dalian Big Hole.

Diesel locomotive at Dalian Big Hole.

After seeing Big Hole, I visited CNR Ganjingzi freight station bv taxi. I cannot take photo of freight car, but saw an electric locomotive not CNR. I waited over 30 minutes, but the locomotive didn't return, so I went to Dalian Airport.
If you are interested in this electric locomotive, go to Dalian Wentai-nan Rd around Ganjingzi town.

Electric locomotive at Ganjingzi.

In 2008 winter I said "This is a final report", I have been to China two times for steam. But I feel "Sunset for steam locomotive was over", so I decided it's a final journey for steam. I cannot think where is "Living steam locomotive". Diaobingshan is using only two SY, Bashi is for tourist train, and so on...? Now I am more interested in other things than steam locomotives.
Although it is not a good situation, I continue to be interested in freight cars and narrow gauge. So I will visit China again this summer. I aim to take pictures of Shaoxing narrow gauge around Lizhu, CNR U60 cement cars, or unknown narrow gauge around Zhejiang Qingtian...

Shibata Taro, Kanagawa Pref, Japan

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2010 Shibata Taro