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More steam around Chongqing - March 2009

by Zebedee (via John Raby)

Jiangjin, Goujiatou-Nanjiatuo, Sanhuiba, Qinghua

John Raby writes as follows:
In addition to the report from TW about Chongqing Port, I have received the following from local guide Zebedee. He can be contacted at: zebedee_china@hotmail.com . Given the prices quoted for permission to see these locos especially the last 2 locations, it will probably appeal more to organised groups rather than solo explorers.

I've been to some places near Chongqing from 01 - 05/03/2009 and found some SY locos.

1]Jiangjin Steel Factory:
  70 km west of Chongqing
2 SYs 0833 1109
The railway is 2 km to connect with CRN.
Visit fee is 100 yuan /per person.
2]Nan-jia-tuo Goods Store Station:
  50 km west of Chongqing
2 SYs 0044 0145
Rail is 8 km to connect with CRN at Goujiatou
Visit fee is 100 yuan/per person
3]San-hui Transportaion Station:
  80 km north of Chongqing
2 SYs 1211 1230
Rail is 4 km to connect with CRN
Visit fee is 2000 yuan for people less than 9; and 3000 yuan for over 10.
4]Qinghua Iron Factory:
  350 km north of Chongqing
2 SYs 1635 & ?
Rail is 1.5 km to connect with CRN
Visit fee 600 yuan only for the 2 locos moving;
and 1000 yuan for 2 locos with some wagans moving together.

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