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Steam in China - March 2009

by Ian Sutherland


My son Alexander and I have returned fresh from a trip to Northern China, Liaoning province.
We attempted to gain access to Benxi Steelworks on March 17, 2009 but our request was denied.
The following day March 18 we travelled to the Tie Mei Steam Museum near Tieling and made a discovery. Locomotive SY 0946 which is currently under repair at the Tie Mei facility has reportedly been there for about 1 month and is expected to return to service at the Benxi Steelworks later this spring 2009.
Our guide for the 2 days was Ms. Elva Ren (Ren Fang): renfeng.yanyan@163.com . Elva was a very competent and amusing guide.

Comment: The repair was probably for Beitai Steelworks rather than Benxi itself (both Steelworks belong to the Benxi Steel Group) and Tiefa has overhauled Beitai locos for the last few years. However SY 0946 does not appear in Duncan Cotterill's List, so is there possibly another location within the Benxi Steel Group still using steam? D.F.

Ian Sutherland

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2009 Ian Sutherland