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Steam in Guangxi Province, January 2009

by Peter Semmelroch

Taiyangcun, Fenghuang, Guanglin, Liuzhou Steelworks, Luzhai

Some information from a January visit of a friend, who showed me his pictures yesterday on 3 rarely visited locations:

1) Taiyangcun Cement Works near Liuzhou: No changes, still both SY 1573 and 1623 in daily use. Anna Chen (back now in Liuzhou) can still arrange visits.

2) BaYi Railway near Fenghuang (also known as Fenghuang Manganese Works in Duncanīs list): Steam has ended: Both SY 1622 and 1667 stored cold, at least 1667 is still serviceable, but DF5D 0081 does all the work. They claimed they donīt know the future of their SYs yet, probably they will try to sell them...

3) Guanglin Fertiliser Factory: SY 0980 was in use in January with no sign of SY 0371 (working loco in 2.2008 and 10.2008). Maybe SY 0371 is stored at an unknown location, because SY 0980 could not be spotted in the works in 2008 as well.

4) Liuzhou Steelworks not visited, info from Anna Chenīs contact: All steam has ended, but some steam locos are still kept in a locked shed inside the steelworks. Her contact has no key to open the shed, therefore a visit was not made. (She could arrange a visit to the works though).

5) Luzhai Fertiliser Factory not visited, Anna Chen, although she hasnīt been there herself, believes strongly that Luzhai still uses steam.

Peter Semmelroch

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