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Steam in Jiangsu province - December 2008

by "TW"


The author of this report has asked to remain anonymous


I had a chance to visit Nanjing to see the 2 JS at Qixiashan Cement Factory.
The recent report says that there are JS 6287 and JS 6533 in Qixiashan, Nanjing and I went there on Sunday from Wuxi where I had visited for business. From Nanjing train station I showed a map of Qixiashan to the taxi driver indicating the location of the JS. About 30 min. ride, I saw 2 JS from the window of the taxi.
Unfortunately these precious JS were in a cold condition and rusty. I could not judge if they were waiting for scrap or spare locos.

If these JS are active, the place is the closest place to Japan where real working steam loco exists. However, I feel that these JS will be dumped shortly.

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