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Steam in China - November 2008

by Shibata Taro

Laiwu, Xintai, Zoucheng, Yanzhou, Xingyang, Xinzheng

In this autumn I visited Shandong and Henan provinces.

Shandong province

On 1st Nov, QJ 7086 belonging to Xintai Zhaizhen coalmining is here after being repaired and QJ 3460 is useable but not working. DF4 1257 was working wagons to Laicheng power plant, QJ not used. We found other Europeans visited here,

On 1st Nov we chartered Chinese driver who is Mr. Jiao Peng (He is very famous driver for Railway fans), he asked the staff about operation situation. Railway operation is not sure, but almost operation is as follows;
in afternoon, only QJ runs to CNR station.
After one hour later, QJ comes from CNR station to coalmining with empty wagons.
After that, QJ is shunting around coalmining.
In the middle of the night, QJ runs to CNR station with loaded wagons.
At 12:15 QJ 7076 runs to CNR station.
At 13:15 QJ 7076 returns to coalmining with empty wagons.
At 13:30-13:45 QJ 7076 is shunting around coalmining.
Finished shunting, coalmining gate is closed.

Zoucheng Alloy Metals
On 1st Nov QJ 7072 is still here, but not operated. I guess this line is not in use.

Zoucheng coalmining
On 2nd Nov QJ 7189 and 7190 are in use. In morning time they run to coalmining, and in evening time return.

Yanzhou coking plant
On 2nd Nov QJ 6814, 7126, 7191 are in use. High deflector QJ 7126 is transferred from Zoucheng coalmining. In afternoon, they are in factory, not shunting.

Henan province

On 15th and 16th Nov I visited Xingyang, but on both days no operation. C2 07 is in steam, but not running. Factory staff said, at 7:30 working start and at 13:30 afternoon working start. I guess construction train will run three times per day at week day; 07:30(start working), 11:30(take lunch), 13:30(start working).

Xinzheng local railway
I visited this narrow gauge line on 15th Nov. I was there about two years ago, but now there is no operation. Station is under reconstruction. There are no locos, only many wagons in three lines. I guess they are constructing from narrow gauge to standard gauge to avoid having to transfer wagonloads.

Other information
I think it is difficult to buy railway tickets from Zhengzhou area. We have a heavy risk to buy tickets one day before leaving. I found one idea that we can buy tickets in Shanghai railway bureau, so I tried to get sleeper ticket on No.5135 from Xuzhou to Shanghai. But I can buy ticket from Zhengzhou to Xuzhou as No.1086 no-seated ticket…

Finally, I will return to Japan this December due to my job being transferred.

Shibata Taro

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