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Steam in China - April, May 2008

by Shibata Taro

Lanxi, Shouchang, Shiheng, Laiwu

This year I have visited some places, but most are now dieselised.

(1) Zhejiang province

On Apr 4-6 I went to Lanxi and Shouchang (Jiangde).
Both are now dieselised, Lanxi DFH5 0382, Shouchang DFH5 0381. They were built Ziyang in 1998.

(2) Shandong province

On May 2-5 I went to Shiheng (Feicheng) and Laiwu.
Shiheng Chazhuang coalmining dieselised about one month earlier. Staff said QJ is not in use, but about a month ago when a European came here, QJ was still being used. Now DF4 0274 is used between Hutun and Shiheng. QJ is in factory, so I negotiated with the staff to take photos and they agreed.

QJ6868, replaced by a diesel, was not in steam

After taking photos, I went to Laiwu. Some month ago they said that Laiwu steel used a steam locomotive, but I did not see a steam locomotive in Laiwu steel transportation yard. In Laiwu Dong QJ3460 and another one (QJ7032?) are allocated. I have seen them in Chazhuang. QJ3460 went to the east side from the workshop, but I do not know where it went to. Nearby Laiwu Steel there are some coalmining and power plants, we need to confirm if dieselised.

QJ3460 was in Lauwu Dong

QJ3460 passed through the CNR station

It is difficult to find live steam locomotives, because many diesel locomotives are transferred from CNR at the moment. But some places continue to use steam locomotives. Some places are well known, but some are hidden places. By this winter, can we still be able to see a live steam locomotive?

Shibata Taro

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