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Steam in China, April 2007

by Chris Yapp


Xingcheng Railway and Changzhi Steelworks (7th April 2007)

This was my second visit to the system. I started at the depot at Guancun to the east of the city at about 07:30 and found JS 8356 and SY 0536 in steam - the depot staff also started to light up JS 8121 while I was there. JS 6102 was dead on shed and SY 2017 was out of use in the same position as in March 2006. SY 0886 was receiving a heavy repair in the workshop. JF116 remained dumped and off the rails at the end of the coaling siding, but was no longer partially buried in coal. The compound by the level crossing still contained the two derelict JS.

The line still seemed to have only one diesel DF10D 0014 which was in action this time unlike during my visit in 2006. The yard at Guancun was full of empty wagons waiting to be moved to the mines.

0014 went off depot at 08:15 and did some shunting in the yard before taking loaded coal wagons to the steelworks at Chanqu East on the north west side of the city. JS 8356 went off shed at 10:30 and did some shunting in the yard. It was then scheduled to take 5 tank wagons southwest towards the mines at around 14:00.

JS8356 shunting empties at the north end of Guancun yard

SY 0536 (very smart) was spare engine and was receiving minor repairs to the reversing gear.

SY 0536 spare engine at Guancun depot

Given the lack of activity, I decided to move off to the steelworks sidings at Chanqu East, arriving at about 12:30. 0014 had already taken loaded wagons up the steep grade to one of the steelworks and SY 0324 was shunting in the yard. SY 0587 was shunting in the steelworks beside the yard and came to stand by the main gate at 13:00. There was no sign of SY 0464, SY 0583 and SY 1051, all of which had been stored in the yard in March 2006.

There was a short burst of activity at about 13:30. 0014 came down the grade from the steelworks to assist JS 8416 (tender first) restart a long train of loaded coal wagons that it had brought straight from the mines. Shortly after SY 0325 took a long train of empties the short distance to the sidings at Weicun and was followed by JS 8416 running light back to Guancun. SY 0587 disappeared into the steelworks leaving only 0014 in the yard. I went back to Guancun, but no line activity was expected for a couple of hours.

SY0324 at the stabling point at Changqu East

Comparison of engines seen in March 2006 and April 2007 (excluding the two JS dumped in the compound at Guancun):

JS 6102ActiveDead on shed
JS 8121ActiveActive
JS 8356Not seenActive
JS 8416Under overhaul  Active
SY 0289ActiveNot seen
SY 0324Not seenActive
SY 0464Out of useNot seen
SY 0536 ActiveActive
SY 0583Out of useNot seen
SY 0587Not seenActive
SY 0886ActiveUnder overhaul
SY 1051Out of useNot seen
SY 2017Out of useOut of use
JF 116DumpedDumped
DF10D 0014  Under repairActive

Chris Yapp

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2007 Chris Yapp