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Steam in China, November 2007

by Shibata Taro

Laiwu Dong, Shiheng Chazhuang

Hello, Iím Taro Shibata, Japanese rail fan, living in China Shanghai.
In this year I looked around some place, living steam locomotive in China. But some place was dieselized, for example Shaoxing, Hangzhou, and so on.
In September, two Japanese (Mr. Ishii and I) went around Shandong Zoucheng with Mr. Seiler and one European, we discovered Shishui QJ7129, Zoucheng Alloy metal QJ7072. And next day we went to Feicheng city Shiheng town, discovered QJ7032, high deflector locomotive. I planned to go there again. Other Japanese (Mr. Ishii, Mr. Murakami) take part in, so we went to Shandong Province, Laiwu and Shiheng on 17th and 18th Nov.

(1) Laiwu Dong locomotive workshop
We got on train for T106 from Shanghai to Taishan, transferred to Laiwu by bus, reached Laiwu workshop at 8:30. In CNR station, maintained QJ7190 stopped. Workshop staff didn't allow us to get in, but approved to take photo outside. QJ7032 (Shiheng's Locomotive) is stand by, and moved outside. But QJ returned inside a few minutes. We returned CNR station and looked QJ7190 (Zoucheng's Loco), it is very clean locomotive. Staff said it will be back to Zoucheng. I don't know QJ7126 will stop to use or not. We returned to Taishan for 7053 local train and I went to Shiheng via Feicheng by bus. (Two Japanese returned to Shanghai for CRH.)

Shiheng's QJ 7032 outside Laiwu Dong workshop

(2) Shiheng Chazhuang coalmining
I discovered QJ3460 in Shiheng Chazhuang coalmining. In 18th Nov morning, I looked QJ shunting. QJ run between CNR Hutun Station and Shiheng Station. In morning time, QJ run two or three times in this area. Sometimes QJ pulled with many wagons, sometimes run only locomotive. Afternoon QJ stopped to run, so I returned to Jinan.
Nearly coalmine guardsmen may be sensitive, so it is better to hide cameras in coalmining area. Crossroad staff may be friendly, it is no problem.

Shiheng's QJ 3460 in action between the mine and connection with CR at Hutun

QJ 3460 at Shiheng Chazhuang

Laiwu workshop staff said this workshop will continue steam locomotive maintenance.
And I think Shiheng Chazhuang coalmining will continue to use high deflector QJ.
It is hopeful news.

* Duncan says QJ3460 have been in Guangdong Sanmao Line in 1998, why is it transferred to Shandong? It is a mystery.

Shibata Taro

Note from SY-Country webmaster: Taro's report is of another new QJ location in Shandong province, with 2 QJs "re-discovered". Unlike the recent discoveries at Shishui and Zoucheng Alloy, action can probably be guaranteed on a connection of several km between the mine and CR at Hutun. Hutun is the terminus of a 50 km branch (Quail map 6, line 15A) running west from Tai'an which is at km 424 on the Tianjin to Shanghai main line (Quail Map line 15). Laiwu Dong is 56 km east of Tai'an where Quail map lines 16D and 15B meet.

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