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Steam in China Dec 2006, Jan 2007

by Shibato Taro

Yinghao, Shouchang

(1) Yinghao

Now working, not abolished. We went there on 31st Dec. It's a snow day, we took pictures C2 No.9 operating. About 11:30 C2 comes to Yinghao loading point, 12:00 return to coalmining. On the way C2 stopped to turn on the steam, we waited to pull up. Railway staff permitted to ride on freight car, but we didn't approve because he required us to pay 50CNY/person. We took pictures without payment, but they didn't stop photos. We hear they require paying 50CNY/person for taking photo in workshop, so we didn't go workshop.

C2 no. 9 working on Yinghao line, 31st Dec 2006

(2) Shouchang (Zhejiang, Jiande)

I have a mistake for report china496. SY1668 is incorrect, SY1673 is correct. And SY1673 is not scrapped because I went to there again on 20th Jan, see SY1673 working. SY1443, SY1673 shunting, SY0923 OOU. We have to go on bus from Jinhua via Lanxi to Shouchang because CNR Jinqian local train is abolished on 17th Oct 2006.

SY 1673 shunting at Shouchang, 20th Jan 2007

Shibata Taro, Shanghai

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