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Steam in China, 10-14 December 2006

by John Middleton

Shanghai, N. of Chengdu (Pengzhou, Jiangyou, Mianzhu, Hanwang)



Report from short business visit to Shanghai and Chengdu


SHANGHAI AREA (10 December 2006 – a Sunday)


Had a Sunday afternoon free after arriving in Shanghai so went exploring.


Shanghai No.5 Steelworks  

Staff on the gate denied entry but indicated steam locos were still present inside, however, they directed us to a small museum nearby.


Shanghai No.5  Steelworks Railway Museum, Small Park, Songbin Road

This has just opened (October 2006) where SY 0880 is plinthed in a glass enclosure. The museum is directly opposite the new Songbin Road Metro station (Line 3) in a small park just east of the station on Songqiao Road East and comprises a small building with a few photos including a large mural depicting SY 1742, SY 1755 and XK13 512 lined up in steam plus photos of 0-4-0ST PIONEER. SY 0880 is in “as withdrawn” condition and has not even been painted but is completely enclosed by a very neat and modern enclosure (which makes photography impossible).


The new Shanghai Metro Line 3 has yet to open but appeared complete and runs right past the works up the TongLi Road. Two 6-car sets were noted on trial (305 and 318).


Shanghai Coking & Chemical Corporation, Wujing, Shanghai

Confirmed dieselized, the only loco here was DF 4 – 0495 stabled inside the gate, at 1980 this is 8 years older than the JS’s it replaced.


Shanghai Railway Museum

Not visited as it was a Sunday and it was closed, opening times are 0900-1100 and 1445-1630 TuThSO and 0900-1630 SO.


CHENGDU AREA (13-14 December 2006)


After visiting clients in Pengzhou, I had 24 hours free to explore some surviving steam operations to the north of Chengdu – I managed to find four so considered the time well spent and the sun even came out at Jiangyou – a minor miracle for December.


Pengzhou Narrow Gauge (Quail 27G Peng-Ba Line). This 2’6” gauge line is now completely closed and the track lifted. ZM16-4 class 0-8-0 No 62-70 is plinthed in Pulei Yuan Park on Fanjiang Road in Pengzhou.


Jiangyou Steel Plant (Quail 27 Bao-Cheng Line). This large complex is on the east side of the main line at Jiangyou, 40 km north of Mianyang (it is NOT in the City of Mianyang as reported in CRJ  148 and in other sources) and is about 157 km north of Chengdu by rail. The system is based around a large yard where locos stable, heading south about 2 km there is a complex of engineering facilities including the clean and well equipped locomotive workshop, north of the yard was not explored but a power station can be seen about 10 km away which is believed also to be served by the railway. Access was freely granted by asking permission at the offices and everyone was friendly and clearly this is a place where no one has stupidly soured relations yet. Workshop staff stated that there were 8 SY’s although only 6 were seen. Noted;


SY 0122                      2-8-2      Tangshan                              1.1969      Stored
SY 0256                      2-8-2      Tangshan                                              Working

SY 0378                      2-8-2      Tangshan                              6.1971      Working

SY 1133                      2-8-2      Tangshan                              4.1981      Spare

SY 1161                      2-8-2      Tangshan                              2.1982      Repairs

SY 1463                      2-8-2      Tangshan                              6.1986      Spare

TH4-028                 B-BDH      Shijiazhuang                                          Repairs

JMY380-041           B-BDH      Shijiazhuang                         10.1996      Ex-Works

GKD3B-0005       Co-CoDE      Ziyang                                     2004      Working

DF7C-5193          Co-CoDE      Beijing                                     1998      Working


Of the SY’s 1161 has stainless steel boiler bands and a commemorative placque of some sort on the cab side, both this and 1463 looked quite recently ex-works. The railway including the steam is very well maintained.


There are also some rail cranes – Z151.427 (steam) – stored and N152.1362 which was working.            

Quail 27C De-Tian Line. The industrial sites along this 41 km branch from Deyang were  explored. These notes supplement and correct CRJ 148.


Ju Tong Co, Mianzhu. (28 km from Deyang) This has previously been reported as an ore loading facility but is actually a distribution depot, there is a small oil depot, loading docks for general goods, small warehouses and an ore pad. There are four sidings at the north end of Mianzhu station yard and the only loco is an early SY, it was in steam but had nothing to do. It has cast numberplates with the SY in serif lettering and is in reasonable condition, it even has a small shed to stable in. Staff were all extremely friendly.


SY 0045                      2-8-2      Tangshan                              4.1967      In steam


No. 309 Fertiliser Factory, Hanwang. Hanwang is 13 km beyond Mianzhu and the end of the branch. The fertiliser plant is served by a 1 km siding on the east side of the line, south of the station. The siding initially heads north off a headshunt and then does a 180 degree loop before heading south into the factory. The loco works chimney first out of the factory which is steeply upgrade and includes a level crossing over the main road into Hanwang. The work seems to involve tripping wagons to and from Hanwang station. On 14/12/06 the loco stormed out of the factory on a long train of wagons at 11.15 and then proceeded to do some very energetic shunting at the station before returning with others to the factory. There is only one loco.


SY 1194                      2-8-2      Tangshan                            10.1982      Working


Ore Bunker, Hanwang The owner of this ore loading bunker is not clear but it may be the Deyang Tianchi Group (see below). It may / may not be linked with the Fertiliser factory. The bunker is at the north end of Hanwang station. The previously reported JF has gone replaced by an SY which although in steam had nothing to do as no wagons were present. Everyone friendly.


SY 0418                      2-8-2      Tangshan                              9.1971      In steam


Deyang Tianchi Group Co, Coal Railway, Hanwang

Gauge 762 mm  (550 v DC electrified)

The narrow gauge line is at a higher level than Hanwang station. There is a large derelict set of discharge bunkers that were once rail served at the northernmost extent of Hanwang yard but it appears that the current coal discharge point is only served by road vehicles. The narrow gauge shed and workshops are just behind this derelict bunker. However, the railway was not in use due to some unspecified repairs taking place. Everyone friendly and seemed amused that I was interested in their locos. There are 4 locos of which the smaller 4wWE was under repair in what appeared to be the old steam loco workshop. The other locos were locked in the shed but easily seen through holes in the walls. Staff said the last steam loco was scrapped more than 10 years ago (probably longer).


-                               4wWE      Changzhou (ZL14-7)  86.3.61/3.1986      Under Repair

ZK14G-831         Bo-BoWE      Changzhou (ZK14G)             /7.1983      Shed

ZK14G-832         Bo-BoWE      Changzhou (ZK14G)             /7.1983      Shed

ZK14G-833         Bo-BoWE      Changzhou (ZK14G)             /7.1983      Shed


Dong Qi Yun Ye, Factory, Hanwang

Large factory opposite the ore bunker where SY 0418 resides. The name “Dong Qi Yun Ye” which means “Dong Qi Transport Dept” is painted on the cab side of the locos. It may also be part of the Deyang Tianchi Group. Locos carry local numbers 01 and 02.


01  (JMY380B)       B-BDH      Shijiazhuang                         /3.1984      Shed

02  TH9-014            B-BDH      Shijiazhuang                         /9.1992      Yard



John Middleton

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