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Huanan Coal Railway


In mid-September I made a brief visit to China to make a return visit to the Huanan Coal Railway.  My plan was to spend two days with a Globesteam group and a third day by myself at lineside.  The railway worked normally using thee locomotives for the first two days.  On the third day two locomotives were working coal trains and the third was used to take four wagon loads of people to Lixin to carry out some task and returned to Huanan in mid afternoon.


The same three engines worked on all three days – 011, 041 and 043 (numbered 21043).  The weather was kind – almost all photos were taken in sun, but this did mean that it was warm and there was often no exhaust.


The plan of action was different on each of the three days. On the first day the railcar was used to run ahead of 043 on empties to enable a series of runpasts to take place.  On the second day we hired motorcycles at Tuoyaozi to travel to Lixin and beyond.  On my last day, I used a taxi to chase trains between Huanan and Xiahua.


A detailed list of traffic is given below:


Sunday 17th September


Around 07:30 041 arrived at Huanan on loads and 043 left on empties.

The railcar from Huanan passed the summit at about 10:30.

At about 11:00 011 was seen climbing to the summit on loads banked by 043.

At 13:20 041 arrived at Lixin on empties from Huanan.

The railcar left on its journey back to Huanan at about 13:40.

At 14:30 043 was seen near the summit on loads banked by 041.

At 15:45 043 crossed 011 on empties from Huanan at Xiahua.

The day ended at 17:00 with 043 shunting at Huanan.


Monday 18th September


043 was scheduled to leave Huanan on empties  at about 05:30 and was first seen well beyond Tuoyaozi at about 07:30.

Around 08:30 011 was seen climbing towards the summit on loads banked by 043.

At 10:15 the railcar arrived at Lixin from Huanan.

At 11:50 041 was seen reaching the summit on empties.

At 13:00 the railcar passed the summit on its return journey to Huanan.

At 13:40 043 was seen near the summit on loads banked by 041.

041 was next seen at 15:20 between Hongguang and Lixin on loads.

At 16:10 011 arrived at Lixin on empties from Huanan.

Just after 16:30 041 left Lixin on loads banked by 011. 041 was seen again at the summit at 16:50 in poor light.


Tuesday 19th September


Arrived at Huanan at 07:30 to find 041 and 043 both shunting.

At 08:00 043 left Huanan with four empty wagons carrying about 30 people and a flat wagon loaded with sleepers and wood blocks.  More people were picked up on the way.  By the time 043 left Xiahua the four wagons were full.

The outbound railcar was passed while returning from Xiahua to Huanan.

At 10:10 041 left Huanan on empties and stood at Xiahua from 11:30 to 14:20.

011 arrived at Xiahua at 12:30 on loads from Lixin.

At 13:40 043 reappeared from the Lixin direction with four wagons full of people followed by the railcar at about 14:10.

041 finally left Xiahua with its empties at 14:20.


Chris Yapp



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