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Steam in China - October 2004

by Dave Fielding

Baiyin, Baotou, DaGu


On 21st October, during their 2004 China Tour, a group of LCGB and IRS members made an official visit to Baiyin Metal Works arranged by our guide Lu Yong of CITS Harbin. We observed 15 SY of which 7 were in steam, 5 dumped/derelict and 4 JS dumped/derelict. We must have been one of the first official visits (if not the first) as we were accompanied by a cameraman and a young lady with a Sony camcorder, as we photed and videoed, we ourselves were photed and videoed.

Loco details:

JS 8021 Dumped in compound next to depot
JS 8082Datong /1987Dumped south of depot in permanent way yard
JS 8224Datong /1987Dumped south of depot in permanent way yard
JS 8350Datong /1988Dumped south of depot in permanent way yard
SY 0135Tangshan 1/1969Dumped at back of depot
SY 0139Tangshan 4/1969Dumped in compound next to depot
SY 0194Tangshan 2/1970Dumped in compound next to depot
SY 0206 Working
SY 0612 Working on slag tip shunt with two cauldron wagons
SY 0701Tangshan 8/1973Dumped south of depot in permanent way yard
SY 0819Tangshan 4/1974In steam on side tipping wagons at ore unloading siding South of permanent way yard
SY 0965Tangshan 3/1975In depot, out of use
SY 1013Tangshan 6/1975Dumped at back of depot
SY 1047Tangshan 9/1975Working around main yard
SY 1067Tangshan 10/1975In depot, minor repairs
SY 1470Tangshan 7/1986Working, first shunting tank wagons into yard just South of depot, then passenger trains
SY 1581Tangshan 10/1987Working around main yard
SY 1583Tangshan 10/1987Working around main yard, later shunting North West Lead Zinc Smelter
SY 3020Changchun 1995Overhaul in workshop, not a Baiyin loco, from colliery near Lanzhou

More details can be added to the map as follows:

Around midday SY 1470 arrived at the Gongsi passenger platform from Baiyin Shi with a single passenger coach, passengers were mostly young school children. At 13.30 it propelled the coach complete with the children, some adults, bicycles and our group back to Baiyin Shi. Almost immediately it returned to Gongsi minus children but with a few passengers and our group. The coach was so filthy that sitting on the seats was not recommended. Around 15.30 SY 1470 was photographed out on the "local railway" with 7 coaches, assumed to be the 15.15 ex Baiyin Shi.

Gongsi yard has around 14 tracks plus 3 more parallel in a compound to the South which contained passenger coaches and some of the yellow tank wagons which formed the majority of wagons in the yard. A green CNR DF4 was noted bringing wagons into the yard. Our group did not visit the SYs between Baiyin Xi and Baiyin Shi.

Other remarks:


Oct 12th. By this date SY 1478 was noted stripped down to a bare boiler in Fuxin repair workshops.


Oct 18th Huhehahote CNR depot: QJ 7064 in fine condition is plinthed and the plinth is rail connected to depot tracks. SY 1314 is dumped, connecting rods off, behind tank wagons on track by depot's oil storage tanks.


Oct 20th Baotou Iron and Steel. New maroon-grey DF7G 0042 being examined by staff at diesel depot. On leaving Baotou a similar (or maybe the same) loco was working well to the West of the works.
At Baotou (Xi) CNR depot the three preserved locos are now under a roof and have been repainted. Two more locomotives have been added to the collection and were being repainted but not yet numbered. They appeared to be JS 8316 and QJ 6834. In addition there are 21 JSs and 2 QJs dumped at the depot.

DaGu Railway

Oct 22nd/23rd Daba-Guyaozi. Linesiding was purgatory due to limited traffic, particularly on 22nd when 9.00-18.00 produced loaded trains at 10.45 and 15.05 with empties at 18.00. Also observed were Daba: 6832 at servicing point, 7194 shunting shiny tank wagons, linesiding 7061 and 1465 on loaded trains and 7194 on empties, Guyaozi shed area 7200 in steam, 7205 and 7195 which surely should only be described as dead or spare, rather than out of use, 7036 inside shed and Guyaozi station area 6545 in light steam. On Oct 23rd 10.05 7194+6832 on 40 wagon loaded train and 13.40 7200 on 3 tank wagons plus 35 empties. The group left the lineside at 14.15 for Yinchuan airport and a flight back to Beijing.
A few kilometers short of Guyaozi what appeared to be a brand new loop (or maybe upgrading of an existing loop) complete with siding and new buildings was being built. Is an increase in traffic planned and why so relatively close to Guyaozi?

Dave Fielding

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