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Steam in China - July 2004

by Carsten

JiTong, Sandaoling

Report, dated Jul 28th 2004:


East of Daban all trains steam. No active diesel duties, the DF4s just idle around or are put in the middle of a freight train (running to Haolokou). No diesel-fuel available at Daban shed, no activity to build a fuel-station, too. Nobody knows when active DF4-duties will start.

Sandaoling Coal Mine (near Hami)

Some facts and observations:
  1. Sandaoling Coal Mine at Hami has an extended period of non-activity (actually 20 days): until 1.8. only a very small number of engines (4) work.
  2. There is a huge open cast mine, similar to Jalainur with the same kind of hoppers. Some mountains in the distance but not very spectacular. Some lines offer thrilling shots of hard working engines - but all trains either run tender first or are being pushed!!! No smokebox-first working!!
  3. No plans to buy diesels.
  4. Travelling time is 6-7 hours by road from Urumqi to Sandaoling.
  5. Locomotives: JS 6203, 6206, 6210, 6224, 6259, 6261, 6430, 6436, 8040, 8055, 8078, 8081, 8089, 8090, 8167, 8188, 8190, 8193, 8314, 8384 and SY 1593.
    Plus at least 3 more JS in working condition plus 5-10 engines (JS/SY) in various states in the shops.
  6. About 100 kms east of Hami there should be another mine with 4 more JS.

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