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Steam in China

by Takuhiro Ota

From 5/22/2004 to 5/30/2004, I traveled in china.

5/23 Chengdu Seamless Pipe Mill


5/23~5/26 Shibanxi Railway


Shixi staition is Rebuilt now.

Shibanxi railway is change timetable for 6/1/2004.

Shibanxi Jaoba is beautiful.

5/27-5/28 Nanpiao Coal Railway


Nanpiao is very interesting.

5/28 Huludao


5/30 Beijing


5/30 Dahuichang


5/30 Beijing Shahe

The day is holiday in Shahe Railway.

Takuhiro Ota

Nanpiao Additions (by Clive Barlow)

I have just been with Phil Wormald to China. We visited Nanpiao, the following were observed;

SY 0366, 1478, 1092 (decorated), 0973, 1017, (all in steam), 1299 cold and another bolier dumped. BJ 3241 was also active. The parallel departure at 1456/1459 was about 1 minute apart, very fine to watch. Should have photos soon.

On the train from Jinzhou to Nanpiao, we passed a QJ dead in a freight train, but with personnel in the cab. It wasn't there on the way back.

On the train back to Jinzhou, we saw some steam locos on a spur about 25 mins after departing Nanpiao. We clearly identified (and photographed) JS8162 and believe that there was at least another JS and a QJ. Where was this? As to Nanpiao itself, we chatted with a member of CNR staff, he advised us that that the CNR station adjacent to Xiamiaozi is Nanpiao and the CNR station adjacent to Huangjia is also called Huangjia. Huangjia though is the bigger (by far) town.

Clive Barlow

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