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Steam at Nanpiao - March 2004


As inhabitant of Beijing, I enjoyed a weekend trip to Nanpiao.

19 Mar 04

Finished work and jumped into train 2589 (depart 21:57) bound for Jinzhou. Hard sleeper not full and fairly comfortable.

20 Mar 04

Arrived Jinchou 06:50, 15min. behind schedule(06:35), missed the morning train to Nanpiao, which was retimed to 6:40 as of Feb 12th. Took a TAXI to Nanpiao, which cost 80RMB+10RMB Toll road cost and took 1hr 20min.

Huangjia 9:50-Xiamiaozi SY 0973
Only 10min trip. Watching my camera, guard didn't even take a fare! Then returned Huangjia by motuche (3 RMB).

Huangjia 14:50- Xiamiaoji BJ3248
A second BJ diesel has arrived and hauls passenger trains, too. The train continued to Linhe.

Xiamiaoji 15:05- Sanjiaji SY1299
Departed 5 minutes later (NOT simultaneously) than Linhe train. Some childrens surrounded me. Although I have neither blue eyea nor a big nose, a personon the train taking photos is still alien.

Near Sanjiaji (5 min. walk), a narrow gage carriage was working at the entrance of mine.

Sanjiaji 17:00-Huangjia SY1299
Train driver invited me to Cab and I stayed there all the way. Splendid sound+vibration, but something seemed to be wrong with the loco. At every stop, driver and assistant got off with a wrench+hammer and repaired something…..Repair needs almost every 10 minutes!! Trains was delayed significantly (about 20min).

Huangjia ?- Linhe SY1299
Driver permitted me to continue of Cab. Frequent repairs en route, but relaxed mood in cab. I gave them chocopie, plitz, much appleciated…those Japanese origined confectionaries are available in Beijing but NOT in countryside like Nanpiao. One of assistants asked me railway for photos and I gave him some SNCF photos. Small gifts NOT available in countryside are much appliciated. Train run in complete darkness with pleasant sounds!

Linhe -Huangjia SY1299
Continued riding on Cab. Completely dark outside, tender lighting of naked bulbes in Cab made a nice atmosphere. Beauty of working people's face….

Stayed small inn (red building) just in front of Huagjia station(CNR side). Basic facility is 30RMB/night, public shower+bath situated 3min. walk(same owner). Rather clean and comfortable for price. Although the owner cannot speak English, he took one of neighbours (He had a namecard of Rob Dickinson!)speaking some English+Japanese.

21 March

Departed Nanpiao by CNR morning train(departed 09:38 on time), arrived Jinzhou 20min delayed. Took express T12 to Beijing,arrived 18:18.



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