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LeiYang and Jinchengjiang, October 2003



Still steam operation
SY 0491
SY 0877
SY 0991
SY 1325

Passenger timetable for this line is:

GK Locomotive
06:40 Zhu Ji Tan - Nanyang 07:25 (mix)
07:38 Nanyang - Mao Ja Ping 08:35
08:40 Mao Ja Ping - Zhu Ji Tan
15:10 Zhu Ji Tan - Nanyang (portion)
no detail of return from Nanyang known

SY Locomotive
14:20 Zhu Ji Tan - Mao Ja Ping
14:45 Mao Ja Ping - * Xinshen 15:30
07:30 Xinshen - Zhu Ji Tan (next day)
    *also portion for Nanyang

Sightings: 27-09-2003 : SY0877 in steam, SY0491 cold in Zhu Ji Tan shed, SY1325 cold in Zhu Ji Tan shed, SY0991 in steam

Most activity seems to be in the mornings and evenings with the passenger workings coming in from Nanyang and Xinshen, and yard shunting at Zhu Ti Jan seen around 08:30. I believe SY0877 also done a coal wagon trip to the east of Zhu Ti Tan shortly after 08:30 too. Coal wagons at the next but one station were shunted by GK0005 in the morning (it was quickly ripped off the 06:40 Zhu Ji Tan - Nanyang 07:25 to do this task), i assume SY0991 done something with these wagons later that day. Diesel (DFH?) 3035 was also shunting in the yard in the am. After the 08:40 passenger arrival from Mao Ja Ping (hauled by GK0005), the only action seen was SY0991 and 3035 shunting in the yard for about 1-1.5 hours. Afterwards everything was stabled on the shed until SY0877 left for the 14:20 Zhu Ji Tan - Mao Ja Ping passenger service it pushes to Mao Ja Ping. No driver trailer coach used or seen, only load 8 YZ coaches. Staff were more than friendly and helpful. Local people were obviously surprised at the Lao Wei. My trip to the shed was accompanied by 10 locals kids, only to return to the station to find about another 15 more waiting to see me!

The Future:

According to senior staff at Zhu Ji Tan control the replacement of steam on this railway is on the following timetable.
2002 - 1 DFH purchased. 3303 purchased
2003 - 1 DFH purchased. GK 0003.
2004 - 2 DFH will be bought (March)
2005 - 1 DFH will be bought

Steam is to be scrapped once displaced.


Still lots of steam operation

The following were seen in operation
JS 8283 in steam
JS 8284 in steam
JS 8285 stabled on shed
JS 8288 in steam
JS 8373 stabled on shed
JS 8375 in steam
JS 8376 in steam

SAT 04/10
15:32 JS 8288 passed mixed at Pohua
15:58 JS 8284 arrived Pohua tender north
16:45 JS 8287 heading south at Gambo tender north

other operation of the JS's already seen was witnessed but not noted.

The mixed was JS 8375 (tf) with 2 box vans and YZ's out of Hechi, many more coal wagons added at Hechi West. Loco change for JS 8376 to Pingzhai. According to staff at Pingzhai the loco does sometimes work back with a goods as required. It did not seem to run that night.

SUN 05/10
JS 8376 07:40 Pingzhai - Hechi (to Hechi West)
JS 8375 07:40 Pingzhai - Hechi (from Hechi West)

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