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Greg Howell, 19-20 July 2003


Saturday 19 July - Shanghai Coking & Chemical Co Ltd (SCCPG)

The Chinese name of the company is Shanghai Jiaohua Youxian Gongsi and its address is 4400 LongWu Road in the Wujing district of Shanghai, in south Puxi (tel: 6434 3241). By taxi from central Pudong, it took 40 minutes in quiet Saturday morning traffic.

Located a few miles south of the XuPu bridge, the plant is on the east side of the LongWu road and the exchange sidings are on the west. There are 3 level crossings across the LongWu road :

Northern : SCCPG siding that was not seen used but appeared to be for tank wagons and there were tank wagons in the exchange sidings.

Middle : SCCPG line to the coke works. When not in use, the loco is stabled on the west side of the road where there is a pleasantly air conditioned crew room.

Southern : Serves what is reported to be a chemical plant. DF7 5045 was seen hauling 6 tank wagons out of the plant and there was a diesel shunter 0003 inside the plant.

The SCCPG loco in service was JS 8258 (built 1988) and the crew and railway staff (all SCCPG employees) were very friendly. The weather was very hot but surprisingly sunny – almost full sun!

08.27 JS pulled 23 coke wagons out of the plant, chimney first – unfortunately straight out of the sun!

- Shunting in exchange sidings

09.23 JS propelled empties into plant

- Loco was under coke loading stage and was assumed to be loading the empty rake that had just been propelled in.

09.45 Departed plant with loaded wagons

- Shunting around yard, including leaving some empty wagons in the plant entrance

10.20 Loco returned to stabling point next to level crossing and the crew took a break.

At which stage II left very hot!

I have a report that suggests that the loco does a 08.00 – 16.00 operation with shunts into the plant at approximately 09.00, 12.00 & 15.30. I was not with my Chinese speaking colleagues and so cannot confirm this; however, judging by the 2 trains of loaded coke pulled out in the "9 o’clock shunt", there will have to be many more trainloads to cope with the 24 hour operation of the coke works and it would be surprising if this was possible in a single shift.


Sunday 20 July - Hangzhou

Caught K821 from Shanghai Nan to Hangzhou and was hauled by a 2000 built DF4D. There was a SARS temperature check and a health declaration form to fill in before boarding.

A few miles north of Hangzhou there were about 10 dumped JS locos (typically 81xx series) in a yard, in states varying from ok to derelict.

At Hangzhou station, it appeared that a lot of the tickets were being purchased by touts who, when the official seating allocation became sold out, offered their tickets to the public at (presumably) a premium. Certainly the outbound hard class ticket was 25Yuan (but I travelled soft class) and the return was 33 Yuan for A/C hard class. On the return there was a body temperature check when entering the waiting rooms at Hangzhou but no health declaration form. Returned on K810 to Shanghai main station.



Greg Howell


Simon Colbeck adds:

Nanjing Area

Further to the recent report on the steam loco's at Nanjing Bei depot a visit on the 20th of july found the following JS loco's dumped on shed. JS 6533, JS6290, JS6537, JS6534, JS8296, JS6291, JS6349, JS6531, JS8093, JS6356, JS6337, JS6444, JS6359, JS6283. Plus parts of two other JS in process of being scrapped. No signs of the loco seen in steam earlier this year. All loco's appeared dumped and depot staff said they were ordered to stop using steam 2 years ago. In addition JS 8341 was seen in a yard east of Nanjing in a train consist in ex works condition. Return to Shanghai on the 21st of July noted an unidentified JS in steam in the yard east of Zhenjiang.