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ChenJia Railway - July 2002

by Simon Colbeck


Train T90 Guangzhou Chenzhou.

At least 10 dumped JS on Shaogun shed. No further steam seen on route. Stayed at the Jin ye hotel in Chenzhou approx 200 Yuan a night. Hotel is less than 5 min cab ride to Chenjia line station.


Arrive Chenzhou NG station at 0730.
One coach and van in station. C4 21 coaling on shed with JS5444. both in steam. C4 brought empty wagons down and attached to coach and van.
0800 departed Chenzhou, tender first. My intention was to ride the whole of the line.
Arrived Guiyang 0950. loco came of stock. Gaurd got off and in cab of loco, said departure back would be 1530. Loco then headed back towards Chenzhou. We had dropped off the empty wagons at the station prior to Guiyang so I assume the loco shunts the mine their. But certainly the mixed terminated at Guiyang.

I hung around abit nothing happened so after various modes of transport got back to Chenzhou NG shed and coal loading point for the standard gauge. JS 5444 was forming rakes of wagons and shunting them to be filled . Had lunch at a shop next to the crew room then checked out the sheds and workshop. On the standard gauge there is a second JS also numbered JS5444 locked in a shed behind the coaling point ??
The loco in steam had a Datong 1986 works plate Would this tally with the 5444 Number ?? answeres anyone. Additionally the loco in steam had tablet catching equipment on the cab side, not normal on an industrial JS. Could there be an identity change going on here.
In the narrow gauge works C4 22 was being repaired. there were also the frame of 2 further steam locos and an 060 diesel. Out side a small locked shed infront of the now bricked up loco depot contained at least 3 futher steam loco's. Burnt out and derelict stock litter the yard

Pm chased the 1530 return working using a taxi, loco now chimney first. The new dual carraige way runs quite close to the line and offers some good phot spots.


Train departed Chenzhou 0800 again tender first. Again the same routine at Guiyang.
Train not continuing any further. Has anyone else experienced this on this line or are we now to assume that the line is no longer used further than Guiyang? Pm returned to HK via Guanzhou.

All in all a good visit ,great line if a little limited with only on chimney first train a day. On days of my visit weather was south China clear, but very hot 38 degrees -no clag.

July 2002,
Simon Colbeck

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