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Steam in China : Jinchengjiang & Taiyangcun

Based on notes prepared by Mr.Martin Joyce of British West Hartlepool and expertly summarised by Tony Eaton.

Hechi, 30th January- 6th February 2002

Weather during the 8 day period was predominantly cloudy with only 1 1/2 days proper sunshine and 2 days where it drizzled hard all day. (Being fair
weather gricers we did not go to the lineside on these days).  This seems to be fairly typical weather for the area at this time of year.

Traffic levels were much in line with previous reports and there was little predictability on times particularly  in the downhill direction. The mixed
ran within about 30 minutes of schedule both ways however. Otherwise there were generally one or two uphill trains in the morning and one late afternoon.
Downhill trains could appear at any time although we saw less of these than uphill trains - presumably many trains return overnight as the round trip
time seems to be about 9 or 10 hours. The locos are not worked very hard and emit little clag.

Chasing was not attempted as trains move at a brisk pace and the best positions are 15/20 walk minutes away from the road.

While this line is no Jingpeng in terms of traffic or weather, the scenery is excellent  and the wildly improbably shaped hills offer many different
photographic opportunities even in cloudy weather.(Just as well). 6 JS seen working 8283, 8284, 8287, 8290, 8375, 8376.

Taxis were used to reach Wanping (30 Yuan metered) and return to Hechi was by minibus which run on a 5 minute headway.Hechi has at least 10 hotels. Immediately East of the station is the new "Power Force" Hotel which looks good and there is a cheaper hotel opposite the station.

We stayed at the "Jinchenjiang Hotel" which is over the river, turn right into the first main road and it is set in a courtyard 800 yards on the right. This was OK and cost 195Yuan for a large twin room with 24hour hot water.

Taiyangcun, 7th February 2002.

From the train returning to Liuzhou we saw two steam at the cement works here, These were almost certainly SY as recorded by Chris West back in 1998.
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