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Steam in Tonghua December 2001

Jermemy Richard Walker

Observations on vist to Tonghua area,16-22 Dec 2001

Tonghua--no steam seen
Hungjang--steam pilots only, JS on trip working at Yan Yuan and San Cha Zi (coal wagons )
Df4+JS on freight only steam seen on main line in this area

All freights to Songshuzhen df4 hauled, All passengers use Df4. Only 2 Df5 seen around Tonghua. Many Df4s not reported before.

All freights north of Songshuzhen JS (including mixed-timing as before)
4 freights run regulary in daylight : Dep Song 06.45/07.15, 11.30/12.30 (usually 2+js)
Arr Song 8.30/9.30, 15.20/16.00.

Freights appear to act as pick ups. Extra freight can dep Songshuzhen 10.30/11.30, sand for Yonghong cement works, advised loco waits there to double head 11.30 freight north. Cement works at Yonghong generates traffic in/out.

Songjanhua (advised is correct name ) river gorge : little sun gets on track in Dec & its only uphill to first bridge. Gorge section between Yonghong and Wanguan has no road access, walk in from South o.k.
Yonghong to Wanquan takes over 1hr by moutain road (beijing jeep available in Songshuzhen)
We therefore stayed South of Yong gorge.Scenary is excellent, virtualy no trees by line,though no heavy climbs. Line twists and turns following river Km134 to 156
Weather -10 / -24 sun everyday, no wind minimal snow. JS8112 is still giving nightly overtures in Songshuzhen yard (below our 10y ludian ) with cock crow accompanyment !!!

Jeremy Richard Walker

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