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Three UK Steam Rallies 1981/2/6

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Some slide have recently surfaced from three small rallies I attended, I have no notes and essentially this is all I have. Fortunately, of the 13 engines all but one (the Fowler ploughing engine) can be identified in the originals from their registrations. Five of them (as noted by @) I have not seen since we started attending rallies in 2013, I would welcome information on their current status.

What would eventually become the Gloucestershire Steam Extravaganza (now Vintage & Country Extravaganza) was a much more modest affair when we attended in August 1981, However, the engines shown below, I am sure, will not have been all of those attending.

I caught five engines lined up together - a Fowler ploughing engine, Ruston Proctor 33471/1907, Wallis & Steevens 7878/1926. Aveling & Porter 14102/1931 (@), Aveling & Porter 11880/1927 (@, to France 2002). 

The red roller is Fowler 15935/1923 (@). I believe the lady on the footplate is my former wife.

Moving on, the Sentinel wagon will have been 9192/1935 seen below.

This is Fowler 15935/1923 (@), then (and now) it was named 'Kenilworth',

This is Fowler 18659/1930 (@). I believe it is now named 'Arfur'.

This Burrell showman's tractor is 3192/1910, 'St. Bernard'. I have seen it regularly at rallies recently.

I know nothing about this Fowler ploughing engine save it's 'left handed', it looks what we would call 'ex-works'. However, SPC doyen Dick Eastwood tells me it's a K7 and a prime candidate in this part of the world would be 14256/1916, General French.

This is Ruston Proctor 33471/1907 giving rides to the visitors. Visible in the original slide is my blond haired daughter who would shortly have been celebrating her 5th birthday. The other part hidden engine is Ransomes, Sims and Jefferies 15609/1904, 'Lady Diana'.

We returned a year later on 5th September 1982. The only surviving slide I have is of Sentinel 9192/1935.

For many years there has been a steam rally at Bailey Park, Abergavenny over the late May bank holiday weekend. These pictures were taken on 26th May 1986.

This crane engine is Fowler 17212/1929. I have seen it regularly at rallies more recently.

Aveling & Porter 11528/1926 (@), named 'Crusader' and in an unusual livery appeared to be in the same ownership. 

Fowler 11108/1909 is a showman's road locomotive named 'Dreadnought''.

This was a bank holiday Monday and the fine weather had brought out the crowds. The roller in the tug-of-war is Fowler roller 11528/1929.

The Stonehouse event moved on to Kemble before transferring to South Cerney but the Abergavenny event is still there.

Rob and Yuehong  Dickinson