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Boconnoc Steam Fair (26th - 28th July, 2019)

This is one of a series of pages I have uploaded to illustrate facets of the steam rallies we have attended in the UK. Click here for the 2019 introduction and overall index.

On the face of it, a day trip to Cornwall from West Gloucestershire sounds like total madness, but these days, the roads are good and on Summer Sundays (as opposed to Summer Saturdays) by no means overcrowded. We'd done it before in 2016 and now we've our own car, we dropped our cruising speed so the journey time was a more relaxed 4 hours. Based on last time's experience we chose to use the A30 and a delightful set of lanes rather than the more stressful A38 alternative  Last time, Yuehong voted it one of the best events we have been to and we were up early and away by 06.30, which is something we do about once a year these days. 

The setting is magnificent and the occasion delightfully informal with engines randomly scattered all over the hillside and the owners taking them on an extended run round it whenever it takes their fancy. With both engines and the sun playing 'hide and seek', as before it was quite late in the day before I convinced myself that I had not only seen but also photographed everything but it's not impossible something escaped because there were quite a few apparent 'no shows'.

In 2016, there had been no 'Grand Parade' but it had been reinstated and, after a largely cloudy spell, the sun came out a few minutes after the engines started to enter so it was a classic 'turkey shoot'. I think the presence of the antipodean visitors might have had something to do with the decision and they provided the sight and sound of my summer so far.

There's not a lot wrong with this event, but if they wanted to aim for perfection, they would get a proper arena PA system and sort the engines in the programme into some kind of sensible order, relying on number tags is not sufficient. Finally, they would have some people manning the exits in the afternoon, particularly the point at which the private road is left behind and everyone has to stop before proceeding. As it was we had a mini GDSF 2018 situation.

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