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Preserved Steam Road Engines in Turkey

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The European Traction Engine Register includes 16 engines, the most accessible are those in the Rahmi M Koç Museum, Istanbul. The three British engines were imported from there in the 1990s, I do not know the origin of the American engine. These pictures are from Thomas Kautzor and date from May 2016.

Aveling and Porter 10760/1923 was built as a steam roller but was converted to a tractor in 1980, it still carries its UK registration VN 723:

Fowler steam roller 16961/1927 still carries its former name 'Heather'. Its UK registration was AV 1159.

This is Marshall portable 46817/1907.

This is Aultman and Taylor traction engine 9302/1910:

Rob and Yuehong  Dickinson